Wyze Plug and Wyze Sense Combo

Hello. Can the Plug be programmed to turn on/off based on input from the Sense? Thanks

Hi welcome to the Forum!

In answer to your question Yes the plugs can be programmed to turn on or off in response to the Sense sensors, either motion or contact sensors.

Did you have something in particular you were hoping to accomplish?

In the meantime look at the rules documentation, specifically the Device Triggers and Schedules!


My daughter and I are making a small water fountain for the cat. Our hope is to plug the small fish tank pump into the Plug, activated when the Sense is tripped.

I do this for some of the lights in my garage. They frequently get left on for hours after people are done with them. So, I have a sensor on the door that triggers the plug for the lights. I have a separate rule that turns the lights off after 15 minutes. That is more time than people usually need to change a load of laundry or get something out of the freezer.

In the Wyze app, create a trigger on sensor open and it will activate the plug. Create a second trigger to turn the plug off after whatever time period you need passes.