Can i use a wyze contact sensor to turn on a wyze plug?

I’m referring to this one from here and thinking about putting it on my front door.

I have LED lights hooked up to my wyze plug, and want the sensor to turn on the lights automatically every time I come home. Would this be possible?

If it’s possible, would I be able to set what time of the day the sensors trigger the plugs? I only need it to do this at night as it’ll be pointless to have them turn on during the day.

Yes you can.

Would look like this

Then just set the day and times of your choosing


I have used those Contact sensors to turn on bulbs and other things, including Wyze plugs as R.Good explained how. I use those sensors as smart light switches. I have them turn on a lamp connected to the plug. It works great.

Keep in mind that package requires that you use a V2 Camera or a Pan cam V1 to plug the sensor “Bridge” into. It won’t work with the new V3 cams because the Bridge won’t fit in those cams.


Thanks guys, another question, let’s say I’m in the house and the lights are on, what happens if I need to open the door to take out the trash within the timeframe I set it to trigger (in the evening), will the lights turn off when I leave and turn back on when I return?

Depends how you have the rules structured and how you’re using the sensor, but If you have it always turn the light off anytime the door opens, then yes, opening the door to take out the trash would turn off the light.

Personally I bought a bunch of these for those little sensors:

Then I hung them up on my wall to work like a light switch, so that when I flick it up/open it turns on like this:

And when I flick them down/closed they turn off my light:

Then I’m not reliant on whether a door is open or closed for my plug/light, I can just flick a switch.

The creator for that bracket also allows people to download the blueprint and print up their own brackets if they have access to a 3D printer.

There are several other bracket designs by other people out there, some you can get free blueprints for to print, I just really like this guy.


That looks interesting :sweat_smile:

What I was hoping the contact sensors & plugs could do for me is that everytime I would open my front door in the evening to come in the house, the lights would automatically turn on. And everytime I open the door to go out, it turns off.

No offense, but I think for now I’ll continue using voice commands to turn them on/off, it’s less of a hassle in my opinion.

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No worries.:slight_smile: I’m glad we could clarify and answer questions for you to figure out what works for you. :+1:

You could use the location trigger rules.


Oh yeah, that’s a smart suggestion. You could have it automatically turn off the lights when you leave home and automatically turn it on as soon as you get home so based on your phone’s location. I do that with some devices too


Oh nice, looks like it’s still in beta?

Keep in mind the radius for location services is 500ft minimum. You can’t set it any lower.

Yes, so basically, you set a 500ft radius (or larger) around your house. Whenever you leave that area it turns off your light. Once you enter that area, it turns your light back on, and it will probably be on before you even walk in the door. Once you are in that area (as long as you are home), it won’t keep turning the light back on, so once you are home and ever tell it to turn the plug off, it will stay off until you either manually voice command it to turn back on, or if you leave your property (that 500ft radius or larger…whatever you set it to), then come back inside that radius again. Therefore, if you walk out of your door/house to to take out the trash, the light won’t suddenly turn off or on again. Honestly it sounds like exactly the type of rule/automation you are looking for.

It is in a sort of beta testing, which is why it says “Pilot” next to it, but I tested it out and it has worked for me. I guess you can try it and if it doesn’t work the way you want, you can always delete those rules and you’ll have lost nothing at all. Even if it does something like not execute for some reason, you will still always be able to voice command it to turn on anyway.


I think you will discover more flexibility with the automation if you would push past Wyze Rules and use Alexa Routines. You will likely find more sensors, switches and lights that work and perform more than you can currently imagine.

I won’t try to explain everything I do, but here:

  1. I have a Yolink motion sensor in my mailbox. Door is opened, and I get Christmas Bells from a Yolink speakerhub, then a ceiling fan light overhead my desk comes on for 15 seconds, it goes out, and a Wyze Bulb goes on across the living room, 30 seconds later, a second Wyze light bulb goes on in another corner. The first Wyze light goes out, then the second Wyze light goes out, an Amazon Glow light comes on and stays on for two hours in case I missed any of the visual cues. And a close by Echo announces “Hey, the mailman is here.” and 30 seconds later, “Hey wake up, told you the mailman has come and gone”.

  2. Postman bring packages to the gate and opens. A Yolink outside contact sensor triggers an Echo that announces, "someone’s here, the gates been opened, and the two Wyze light bulbs turn on and 15 seconds later turn off. When the gate closes, the contact sensor reports, “ahhh and now they are gone” from three Echoes, One in the living room, one in the upstairs bedroom, and one in the garage.