Plug Push Notifications

Provide Push Notifications for Wyze plug. I would like to get a notification when a plug turn on or off.
I use a plug to provide power to a alarm siren if a specific rule is triggered. It would be nice to know when the plug comes on.

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What is triggering the plug? Could you be notified by that?

Hello there,

I have all my windows and doors equipped with sensors, when a sensor is open for more than (x) seconds, it triggers a plug “ON” which is connected to an alarm (125 db.) then again “OFF” after (x) minutes. (by the way it would be nice if Wyze could develop something similar to “Tritace Window Alarm with Vibration Sensor” but one that would connect to the bridge. (It would also be nice to have an “AND” / “OR” added to a triggered device rule - [When this “AND”/“OR” that, then do this “AND”/“OR” that])

Yes, the sensor could tell me that it was opened or closed, but I want to make sure the rule worked. If I get notifications from both than I would definitively know a potential intruder attempted to get into my house.

Sadly, some rules do not work accurately, for example I have light(s) that should turn ON if a person approaches any area of my house after 7:00pm. I created a rule that was supposed to work from 7:00pm-7:00am the next day, that doesn’t work. I have to create 2 rules for each camera, one from 7:00pm-11:59pm and another from 12:01am-7:00am, and even that doesn’t work accurately. Then another rule turns the plug OFF after (x) minutes. Because the Person detection is not yet perfected, I also use motion detection for similar purpose.

Paranoid, maybe but I got broken into before I installed all this, I see things differently now.

Hope this information is helpful.

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Wyze Plug Notification

A simple notification from the app if the wyze plug turns off, even if its user enabled.

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