Short cut to turn on and off rule

I am using wyze contact sensors and have a rule to activate a wyze smart plug when the door opens which activates a siren. I can not figure out how to create a shortcut to turn on or off this rule… The smart plug is activating a siren which works but every time I open the door it is activated… I want to create a shortcut so I can turn on and off this rule so when I leave the house the rule is activated and the siren will sound if the door is open and turn off the rule when I come home so it will not be activated. I tried diabeling push notifications on the sensor and this did not work. The notifications for the sensor were disabled but… The rule to activate the smart plug siren still turned on even with the push notifications off. Is it possible to create a short cut to turn on and off a rule? Or better yet program the sensor when it is off to disregard the rule to activate the smart plug?

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“Or better yet program the sensor when it is off to disregard the rule to activate the smart plug?”

There’s no “geofencing” options in the wyze rules, unfortunately. The only suggestion I can make is to investigate third party automation, like IFTTT or similar.

I have somee familiarity with IFTTT and others can offer suggestions for different systems. I also use Tasker, but it’s a lot more complicated that systems like IFTTT

The notifications are different than the triggers sent from one device to another when there is a rule in place. If you want a trigger or scheduled rule stopped, you must disable it from the rules menu.

This also does not work. I have a rule to turn off motion detection on a camera for a certain time period. I sometimes would like to ignore that rule, however if I just disable it, the motion detection still does not work. Haven’t figure out a way around it yet. It’s kind of useless to have a rule that you can’t temporarily disable.