Motion control tip for siren based on alarm mode

I wanted my Motion Detected Siren to be triggered by Motion sensors in accordance with the Home page shortcut rule modes of Disarmed. Home, or Away. I couldn’t use any of my V3 cams because they responded to leaf/light motion and person false identification. The Motion and Entry sensors were not good stand-alone triggers because they are always “active” — the notifications can be disabled but the on/off trigger is only “inactive” when the batteries are gone. To solve the setup issues I used the following hardware: a 12v 106db siren, a 120v in to 12v out power supply, and two WYZE plugs. I plugged the siren (with 12v power supply) into WYZE plug#1. Then I plugged WYZE plug#1 into WYZE plug #2 and plugged plug#2 into the wall outlet. I then wrote actions for the Disarmed, Home, and Away shortcut rule modes that turned WYZE plug #2 off or on respectively. I then wrote a trigger rule for each Motion sensor that turned WYZE plug#2 (the siren) on for a specified length of time. The result was that even if the siren was triggered to operate it would only sound when WYZE plug#2 was turned on by the Home or Away shortcut rule. An important technical consideration is that the plug#1 (the siren) may take about 30 seconds to reconnect to wifi after plug#2 is turned on by the Home or Away shortcut rules. Thus, the siren cannot be triggered while offline from wifi.

Power supply:
Plugs: or WYZE store

Note: The siren can be wired for two tones. I use the second tone for my Leak Sensors. The Leak sensors trigger another WYZE plug and power supply for the siren’s second tone.


That’s a great solution! Thanks for the tips!

Wait, how did you do this? I didn’t think Wyze had rule triggers for HMS yet. Were you using Home Assistant or something? I have been waiting for HMS rule triggers for automations.

Good catch. They were not WYZE HMS rules. They were WYZE Home page Shortcut rules. I’ll edit the post.

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Impressive. Quite.

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That is great! I haven’t had the opportunity yet to gather all my supplies, but it has been on my to-do list for some time.

Instead of using Wyze rule shortcuts, I was going to use Alexa Voice Commands, but I like the shortcuts idea better since I have to open the app to arm\disarm the HMS and turn my interior cams on\off anyway (only use the keypad when I forget to disarm and accidentally trip it)

This setup is very similar to the one @dasnider implemented.

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Just so you know, only just so you are aware. Yolink has a 4 button 8 function (from the 4 buttons) fob ($25). It supports Alexa and IFTTT. So yes, you need a $20 Yolink hub, but you could build an Alexa routine and with a button push arm or disarm the HMS, (I think). I don’t have HMS to try, so I don’t personally know if Alexa supports that granular a function from Wyze. Worth a look, to expedite the ease of use?

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Unfortunately no. The Armed\Disarmed state of the HMS (Disarmed\Home\Away) is strictly quarantined from any Wyze Rule automation or Trigger\Action of any automation assistant (Alexa, Google, IFTTT).

UPDATE: There are now Wyze Rule Triggers available for the Disarmed\Home\Away modes of the HMS.

This has been one of the Wishlist items for some time now:

However… I am liking the key fob for other automation things… And it would work awesomely for this siren application!

Going to bookmark that little gadget into my project file! Thx!


I take you word for it. But why would they not build an easy way to arm and disarm the product?
A “wishlist” submission should not have even been required.

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I agree. I have the HMS and desperately long for the day when Alexa can arm it for me. I have to set the alarm using the keypad (which is also quarantined) or the app, no other choices, while Alexa takes care of all my lighting and environment.

Apparently Alexa can’t be trusted as a watchdog. :dog2:

My theory is that it is because of security protocols so there aren’t any back doors into the monitoring… But that is just a guess. I don’t think they want it to be easy, just secure. :man_shrugging:

Well, I was a true follower of the Sense V1. I even have some hidden away that have never been opened. Likely, they will kill operations of it before my deployed products fail/batteries die anyway. So, when I bought HMS, saw it, I boxed it back up and returned it. Nevermore. And that’s the only Wyze product that I was disappointed by.

I am watching for Yolink’s soon to be available camera which I heard will run on batteries with their standard 1,000 feet range. Won’t need to worry about Wyze supporting MATTER on V3’s.

That is unfortunate. I am happy with the hub. I bought it specifically for the Noonlight security monitoring so the automation extras for all the different sensors were just an added bonus.

I didn’t have the V1. There are many here who absolutely love it. Sort of a cult following, which I can understand.


Kudos to the community for helping shape and tailor lots of ideas and into a better product for all. I added several edits to my “tip” and the shout out to @dasnider for his earlier implementation of a similar setup provides additional “tricks” to consider.


Thanks for sharing! You had some great insights and ideas. :+1:


Yeah. Great post! I have already linked your post to another user looking at adding a siren into their automation needs!