More programmable options to set rules

I want to be able to set the siren to trigger at motion detection when I leave home. I want to scare off the thieves before they reach my package at the door, by the time I get the notification which is not instantaneous, it will be too late.

So I created “location triggers” for when I leave & arrive home, but I can’t include the action to trigger the siren at motion detection within the “location triggers” rule when I leave the house.

For now, I created a “device triggers” rule apart which will trigger the siren at motion detection, but I have to enable it on or off manually. I want it to set automatically when I leave the house.

We need more programmable options to set rules, like in this example, I want to include “device triggers” within the “shortcuts” and “location triggers”.

Create one device trigger rule to “when motion is detected, turn in the siren” with the devices you want, then use your location based trigger to enable or disable the motion detection of the triggering device from the first rule.

So in the end when you leave, the motion detection is enabled and when motion is detected, the siren turns on. Then when you get home, the motion detection is disabled and you should have no motion events then and no siren will trigger.

When I’m home, I still want the motion detection ON, (I can still consult the occurrences as required), but I don’t want the notifications and the siren to trigger.

Which Camera are you using in the home?

Most of the Cameras can already handle this via Rules.

You could setup a Rule for When you arrive as shown in this image:

Then set the action to No Notification or Sirn as sown in this image:

Won’t this still trigger for every delivery man who tries to drop off a new package? The rule won’t be able to tell the difference between a thief, a delivery man, or even a neighbor or something. :thinking:

If this happens to the delivery people, they might start to refuse to deliver to your house and start forcing you to go to the local hub to pick up all packages like they do to some people with dogs, etc.

I’m not sure what the best solution to this is though. Just curious if it might inhibit legit visitors from wanting to visit or deliver anything else to you too.

Maybe if you know you are only getting one package that day, you can manually turn it on after the package arrives and turn it back off when you get home automatically. That might be the best option. Require manual turn on, but then automatic turn off still.

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Possibly, but based on this statement, setting up the trigger this way would provide what is being asked. Motion Detection is On, but no notification or Siren will be provided.

Unless I am missing something here.

Yes, you have a point, the mailman example, the tenants next door would all be issues to have the siren always activated on motion detection when I’m gone. Even if I can set the zone, they have kids running everywhere.

So like I explained, the solution I came up to enable the “device trigger” myself would be best one. I would activate only when required, for example, when I expect a package, I could be home or not, I would enable it. I got stolen when I was home, the Amazon guy did not ring the bell.

I got my cam last Friday, so I’m in the learning process, so your experience is helpful, thx.

For now, this issue seems resolved for me, I will see how it goes.

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Thx for your help, I got my cam last Friday so I’m in learning process.

The point was based on "location triggers” rules I created, home or away. I always want motion detection “ON”, but only get the notifications & siren to trigger when I’m away. So to have it work, I would need to be able to include the device trigger within the location trigger away. But anyways that would lead to a problem, the mailman, the tenants next door, would trigger the siren to ring too often.

Then, to enable the device trigger rule only when I expect a delivery, seems to be the best thing to do. I will see how it goes.