Siren in V3: Can it be motion-triggered?

I’m puzzled by the siren function. It appears it can only be activated manually. I would like to have the option to have it activate when motion is detected as is the case with some other cams. As it stands, I find it a bit useless and I can’t understand why this option wasn’t included. (I do realize I can get an external siren and have it activated via a smart plug.) Comments?


Its mentioned somewhere else that it will be enabled in the future. Cant seem to find the specific post though.

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You can do it with rules!


Hi, so I tried to add the siren to rules, I don’t see the siren as an option? Not sure if im missing it? I have rules set up for other cameras to turn on this and that. I noticed several on the forum said it’s available.

Same here. I just got the v3 Cam and was under the impression the siren actually worked with a trigger since that’s basically what the instructions state. But it doesn’t. Kinda sketchy tactics by Wyze. Probably will have to buy something else in order to make it work.


Yeah pretty sketchy, and to say that you need to use rules to activate the siren? Well I have tried and the siren is not listed as an action. It is a shame I swapped from YI over to all wyze. I had the outdoor YI that has the built in siren…

Wyze team, the most basic use of the Siren is to be initiated on a motion detection. Please include this as one of the possible actions for the triggers/rules.



Yes you would think they would offer that. Many companies like YI has offer siren/ alarm in their cameras. Please don’t charge for it.

Yes, same here. I thought I could trigger the siren with motion. Looked for it in the tools, in IFTTT, and nothing. It is not enabled by Wyze which is absurd! Please enable this function in an update. It just doesn’t make any sense to have a siren only manually triggered!


Got my V3 cams today and, like everyone else, assumed the siren could be triggered with motion. It was a major selling point for me. Hopefully this option will be added sooner than later. We love the cameras otherwise. Replaced the V2 cam we had and the difference with the color night view is like…um…night and day.


False marketing … I took down my YI camera that had a siren for something with a manual siren???

I hope they are listening because this is upsetting, to advertise it … what good is a manual siren??

Whether or not I purchase this product depends on whether Wyze adds auto siren trigger upon person detection (not just motion detection).

It is also unfortunate that V3 does not work with Bridge as of now.

Ideally, I am willing to subscribe to CAM Plus to get the person detection option and rid of the 5 minutes cool down. During scheduled operation (e.g. 12 AM to 6 AM), the Wyze V3 will automatically sound the siren when PERSON detection is triggered. This is so that the alarm will only go off when a person is detected and eliminate false alarms and disturb the neighbors. I got to say, Wyze AI has been pretty good with their Person Detection.

A nice to have once bridge or hub is integrated is for an in-door mini siren to go off in conjunction with the V3 to alert owners of possible danger lurking outside, especially in the middle of the night when you’re sound asleep in dreamland.

Rules do not currently work to enable the siren. Please check. Basically, the way it is now is almost useless.


I bought several v3s for the siren feature and now it’s a different story. Utterly disappointed. I held wyze in high regard but this experience just destroyed that.

I contacted wyze and was told it works. I have been back and forth with them over the past 2 weeks trying to get this to work.

Yes, we are waiting for Wyze to fix this issue, the way it is now does not make any sense!

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It also will not work as a contact button. Only triggers from live view and touching the Siren. Its delayed but does work. Need a rule to allow door switches or motion detectors or camera motion or all sensors selected to activate the siren. Then a on off contact button to control the Siren when activated with the rule or to test. Now its useless and I hope its not going to be connected to the monitoring service and only activated if you have the monitoring service. I bought all these sensors to be self monitored like my other self monitor alarm service “ISmart” which is on a death watch as its running for 12 more months then its dead. So WYZE could pickup those users if they add a self monitoring feature using the Siren on Wyze v3 cameras. Then if your lazy subscribe to the monitoring service.

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