Wyze Cam v3 - motion/sound detection turn on siren

Would like to see the Cam v3 siren be turned on when motion and/or sound is detected. Should be a pretty easy change.


@bttrantina Welcome to the community!

You can already accomplish this by creating a Rule when v3 cam detects motion.

  • Open Rules (edit pencil top-right) Edit Rules
  • Tap Plus, top-right, Device Trigger
  • Create Rule, Device Trigger, Choose cam, Select Trigger, Detects Motion, (Save)
  • Action, Select Product (choose cam)
  • Select Action, Turn on Siren. ( Save)
  • Tap, Save at bottom, finished.

I did all the procedure that says StopICU33, but the alarm does not turn on when there is movement in front of the camera

Can you post a screenshot of the rule? What are the camera settings as far as event recording and detection? Are you getting events from that camera?

Yes, I am receiving the events from the camera but the siren is not activated

how can i send the image?

It’s location we be different depending on if you’re using mobile or a computer, but look for this icon and you can upload an image with that button.

On a PC it looks like this:

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Ok sent the screenshot.

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I can’t update the V3 camera firmware, every time it says “Reboot your divices”? I restart my camera but always the same message. Help :frowning_face:

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Thanks for the visual aids! What app version are you using? And when you restart the camera, are you actually power cycling the camera or restarting via the app?

The app version is v2.23.21. I do the restart from the app.

Try unplugging the camera for a moment, then plug back in. Also may help to force close and restart the app. My next course of action would be to do a manual firmware flash of the camera to see it the updated firmware takes that way. But the app should work, the update jumps over one other firmware release but that should be fine.

Thanks Omgitstony, I was able to update it already.

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Also now, the rule to activate the siren works well !! … Thanks for your help

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What did the trick?