Siren sounds upon rule selection

When i select my night rule ( and i have selected to have sirens on at night) as soon as i select the night rule the sirens go off for 30 seconds!
Why? It bothers me and my neighbors!

Post a screenshot of your rule.

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Yes please post a screenshot. It sounds like you are misunderstanding how the rule actions work. Do you have a “Turn on siren” action in your rule? This will cause the sirens to immediately activate for a while. If you just intend on having the sirens activate apon motion or something you can use a device trigger rule with the action as turn on siren, and the trigger motion. You can use a execute during this time filter on the rule.

Reference this image with the text below it:

Why do you have “turn on motion detection” *(blue dot) and turn off notifications (green dot together? For a super easy setup, enabled what you want in the actual camera settings, (motion detection etc) then use ONLY the “turn on camera” action. If you are using the rule to turn the camera on, when it’s off it can’t detect motion anyway, so no need to also turn it on as that is redundant.

Purple dot… Like stated, and it’s shown in your rule, the action of “turn on siren” actually does turn it on and it does sound. What you need to do is remove the “turn in siren” from the shortcut rule, and make a new trigger rule with the trigger of “##### detects motion” and the action of “turn on siren”.


Thank you - i will try that but i shouldn’t have too!

I’m having the same issue. I guess I’m not smart enough to figure out how the triggers should be set. I’m trying to use the location settings. We winter in Arizona and when we leave to go back home (or leave for a long weekend), I want my camera that is on our patio to sound the alarm, turn on the add-on spotlight, and send me a notification if there is any motion whatsoever on my patio (I’m making the assumption that unless I specifically turn off motion detection, it is always on??). And when we return, I want those actions to cease (I still want motion detection on - 24/7). What I don’t want when I leave the area is to have the siren going off just because I have left the area. It seems like it should be intuitive but apparently, I can’t seem to grasp it. I’m hoping I’ve managed to attach print screens of the rules I’ve created.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Second print screen

I edited your photos to remove personal information that you may have inadvertently left in your screenshots.

I’ll touch on your different rules, It helps to help you get the rules the way that you are explaining that you want them to be.

“Arrive rule”:
Remove the turn on the add on spotlight action. This actually turns on the spot light when you arrive. This is not an “enable” style command.

“Departs rule”:
Remove the actions “turn on the siren”, “turn on the add on spotlight”, and “turn on spot light for 5mins”. These are turn on rules, not “enable” style rules. So as set currently, when you depart, the siren turns on and starts screeching and the spotlight turns on for 5 minutes.
You can also remove the"enable motion detection"action since you want that enabled at all times, just make sure it’s enabled in the camera settings and it will stay that way.

“New rule”
If you want the siren and a spotlight to turn on when motion is detected you will need to now create a trigger rule. Go to add a rule, then select trigger, then make a rule that states when your V3 detects motion, the actions will be turned on siren and turn on spotlight for 5 minutes. This could be controlled automatically if you didn’t want motion detection when you were home , But since you want motion detection on at all times, you will need to enable and disable this rule manually in the rules editor for when you depart your property for an extended period of time.


Thank you for the help! I have lots of questions but will try to keep them to a minimum. The “actions” are counterintuitive to how I think they should work which makes this very frustrating to set up. And unfortunately I have friends who have also purchased these cameras as well and want them to do the same thing as I want and they are relying on me to get their systems up and running correctly. I wrote out a long question and have decided to forego that and just ask you how you would set up camera actions if it were you.

We leave in about a month to return to Iowa. We live in a retirement community in Arizona. There are a number of break-ins so I bought these cameras (in particular the outdoor Wyze Cam 3) so that I would have a deterrent to thieves and so I could occasionally check-in. Our patio has a 7 foot wall that backs up to an alleyway that is used by all the residents to park in their garages. The issue has been that when a thief manages to get over the wall they can no longer be seen and so they have all the time in the world to break in and take whatever they want. I want the Wyze Cam V3 that views the patio and the wall to trigger the alarm and add-on spotlight the moment that someone would try and get over the wall. I do not mind manually enabling/disabling the cameras if that is the easiest way to handle.

I have 2 doorbells, an indoor Pan Cam V2 (with sd card) and the outdoor Wyze Cam V3 (with sd card). I have purchased the Cam Protect plan for my patio camera only. What would be your suggestion for rules for my cameras based on what I have told you here?

I’m sorry for the long message but I am struggling with how the settings should be to do what it is I want. So I’m starting with a clean slate and would like your ideas.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions! I do appreciate it!

I’ll see what i can do and touch on a few things.


← Minnesota

At first they can be, but once you get the hand of it it’ll be a lot easier.

  1. For this youll need to create a “Device or Service Trigger” rule.

  1. Start by naming the rule (optional for i like doing this).

  1. then click on “If: Device and Service Trigger”. This will then allow you to choose your Patio V3, then choose which ever trigger you want (general motion detection, detect a person, etc).

  1. Next click on the “Do: Add Action”. This is what you want your camera to do immediately when it detects what ever you choose in the previous step as your “trigger”. Sounds like you want the spot light to turn on, and the siren to sound.

  1. If you want the rule to not have a time frame, then leave the bottom “When” unchecked. If you want a time frame that you want the rule to happen at (ex: only want the spotlight and siren to trigger to motion between 11p and 5 a, then click the toggle and choose the start and end time. This is different than the “scheduled rules” where the start and end times run a rule action at the start, then the opposite or inverse action at the end time.

More later as i have a meeting now at the top of the hour… :slight_smile:

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Where in Minnesota? My son lives in Maple Grove, just northwest of Minneapolis.

So, I set my rules last night to what I THOUGHT they should be to compare them to what you might tell me. I think I may actually have gotten it right. I named my rule “Away” and then IF my Arizona Patio “detects motion” the actions should be 1. Upload a short video to the cloud; 2. Turn on the siren; 3. Turn on Spotlight for 5 minutes and I did nothing with the time because I would want it to run 24/7. I set “Enable” as off now until we leave but will turn it on when we leave. I got it, don’t you think :slight_smile: ??

Another question for you. The cameras appear to have location rules that can be applied so I assume that geofencing is an option? Can you tell me if it works the way I THINK it should? I have Arlo cameras back in Iowa with Geofencing (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t). I should tell you my husband also has the Wyze app on his phone with location set up. So that being said, this is how I think it should work assuming I have “leave” and “at home” rules set up.

  1. I leave the house, but my husband is still home. Wyze geofencing recognizes he is still home and does not arm
  2. My husband leaves the house after me. Wyze geofencing recognizes he’s left and I’m still gone so Wyze should now arm
  3. I return before my husband does. Wyze geofencing disarms

do I have to set up actions on my husband’s phone with rules for geofencing, which seems counterintuitive. If I have to set us both up with rules, then that would tell me that when I leave, geofencing (and my rules) would be triggered while my husband is still home which defeats what I’m trying to accomplish. I would think that I only need to have those rules set up on my phone. I’ve seen some people talk about having Life 360 on their phones but I had that at one time and it killed my battery so I just have Google location services turned on. If I were able to use Geofencing like it’s supposed to be used, then Wyze would truly work the way I’d like.

Judging by the likes to your comments I apparently am not the only person struggling with these rules so I THANK YOU again for your help! You are truly knowledgeable. Maybe you should think about creating a YouTube Video :slight_smile: !!! I’ll be your first subscriber :slight_smile: Has Wyze thought about hiring you for consulting? They should!

Thank You!

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Straight south of him, in the SW burbs.

Do you have a cam plus license on the patio camera? I know you said you had “Cam Protect” for that camera, but is that Cam Plus? Cam Protect is the professional monitoring service. If you have motion detection enabled, you wont need the “upload a short video to the cloud action” as that will have already of happened based on your camera event recording settings. I could see you using that action on OTHER cameras like “motion detected on patio camera” then the action would be to upload a short video to the cloud from the say GARAGE camera. If you are using the same camera to detect motion trigger the action of that same camera to upload a clip, thats redundant.

Are you able to upload a screen shot of this rule you made? Just to make sure my imagination matches your description.

I dont use the geofencing rules, as i would use shortcuts instead to manually set to turn stuff on and off. Does your husband have his own app login? or do you share a login? I am guessing that if you both have geofencing set up somehow that who ever leaves first then the rule actions would fire. Id say the logic isnt there to “if i leave but my husband is still there then dont trigger”.

Thanks for the nice comments! I enjoy “taming” the rules and helping with those. I enjoy the Moderator role and enjoy the opportunity to help around here. :slight_smile:

I have the cam protect not cam plus all I thought cam protect included everything that cam plus had so didn’t feel I needed both.

Based on your suggestions I made modifications to my away rules. I’m making the assumption the camera is always recording and I’ll turn on notifications for everything when we leave. I’ll enable the “away” rule when we leave.

The other print screen is the rules I have set to arm the patio camera every night when we go to bed.

Thoughts? Have I “got it” yet​:woozy_face::face_with_spiral_eyes:??

This rule?

So this rule is just to turn on notifications when you go to bed? Looks like you used a “service or device trigger” rule when you should of used “scheduled rule”. A scheduled rule runs at the start time, then runs the opposite or inverse action of the listed action at the end time if you have one. Whereas by using the device trigger and “patio detects motion” with a listed start and end time, nothing is happening until the camera detects motion then it will enable your account notifications for next time there is an event so you can get a notification. Plus the way it’s set in that screenshot you have redundant siren and spotlight actions, which you wouldn’t need because you already have the other rule that turns those on.

For your scheduled rule to turn on notifications for the patio camera, you would Only need to make a scheduled rule, add the actions of “turn on notifications” for the patio camera. No need to even have siren or spot light actions. I would delete the rule I showed the screen shot of, then make a scheduled rule that looks like this: (name part is cut off because I scrolled down, I used my front door v3 camera as a standing stint double for your patio camera)

Wish I could figure out how to reply to you point by point like you reply to me.

In answer to This Rule? (Bedtime). My goal here is to arm the system while we are sleeping (I know, maybe paranoid but break-ins are a big issue down here). So based on how we were setting up the “Away” rule I followed the same thinking. I want if someone jumps the wall that the alarm and spotlight will go off.

I did originally have it set as a scheduled rule, but I was sitting here one night and all of a sudden, the alarm went off and so did the spotlight. So, I figured I had something set up wrong on it… So I decided to go with the same rule as if we were away but put times to it. My plan was not to enable the “Away” and “Bedtime” rules at the same time. I will manually enable the “Away” rule when we go back home or leave for a long weekend. I’ve attached a picture of our patio and what the camera is seeing so you can get a feel for what I’m talking about. Does that help?

Regarding the “Away” print screen I attached - do I have the settings on it set okay?

You know…one of these days I’ll figure this out and might actually be able to help my friends that are also getting these cameras (because of me). Kind of scary to think, huh :slight_smile: You know, this really shouldn’t be this hard. I even called and spoke with a Wyze rep, and they were not able to give me the help I needed. So I guess I shouldn’t feel too awful…?

You highlight or select someone’s text in a reply, then you click the “quote” button. This is how it shows on my phone.

But you want this to happen only during a certain part of the day, or all day 24/7?

By arming it, you are saying that you now want, from that point until you disable it, the siren and spotlight to turn on when motion is detected on patio camera?

If the Wyze rule-verse, this is a two part process. A way to do this is to have a “device trigger rule” like we talked about that says when motion is detected by patio camera, then turn on siren and spotlight. Then for part two, to control enabling and disabling when this is occuring, you can either enable or disable that rule by going into it’s rule editor setting s and disable, or you can control it either automatically (scheduled rule) or through a manual shortcut to enable and disable “detect motion” on the patio camera.

Because you had a the actions of turn in siren and spotlight in your scheduled rule, which fires it’s actions at the start time, then the inverse actions at the end time if you have one. You needed the siren and spotlight to be on a device trigger rule, which only fires when the device you set triggers an event that you set (patio camera detects motion). See the difference?

This one?

From what I see currently, is that this rule is currently disabled(toggle at top is off). I see that it’s labeled “away”, where I would actually rename it to "patio detects motion) or something along those lines to better reflect what that rule is actually doing. Then the trigger is detects motion, which is what you want so that’s good. Then the actions are turn on the siren and spotlight, which is what you want when the camera detects motion.

Certain part of the day for the “bedtime” rule.

My logic for the “bedtime” rule: IF the patio camera detects motion the ACTION(s) will be to turn on the siren, turn on the spotlight for 5 minutes and send me a notification (hopefully to wake me up) between the TIME of 12:30AM and 8:30AM every day for as long as I have this rule enabled. I expect this rule to be triggered automatically - I don’t need to turn it on or off. So rather than a “two-part” rule as you mention, I would think this would do everything I am wanting it to do.

When we return to Iowa, I will manually disable the “bedtime” rule and manually enable the “away” rule which will run 24/7 every day (24/7 every day because I don’t have a start and end time). I will also enable the notifications for all cameras. The “away” rule and notifications will remain on until I return to Arizona.

Man, I hope I have this right now… I know you’re sick of me, but I appreciate all the time you have taken trying to help me understand the rules. I’m helping friends get their cameras set up tomorrow. This really shouldn’t be that hard :expressionless: THANK YOU!

“This really shouldn’t be that hard :expressionless:

Your absolutely right! I tried the same setup as you with the siren and finally just gave up🥺
It really shouldn’t be that difficult and it seems to be simple and intuitive but it’s not!
I finally decided the siren is something you have to manually trigger yourself - there is no way to trigger it by rule and/or schedule even though it would make perfect sense to think so!!