V3 Cam - rules

Hello Forum, Using V3 cam. I created a rule which triggers the siren on the cam “ON” when the cam detects motion.
It worked fine for some time.
Recently I saw on the app that the rule I created got deleted. I created the rule again, but now even when the rule is disabled the siren turns on when the cam detects motion.
Any ideas for why/ what can be done to go back to normal mode when rule works only when enabled?
Many Thanks

That’s an intriguing problem-sorry you are having it!
A couple of suggestions:

-Try Power Cycling your cam

-Clear the cache on the app (Home Screen/Account/App Settings/Clear)

-Delete the Rule and see if the Siren still activates. If not, try recreating it and see how it works then.

-Try deleting the app itself and reinstalling it.

-If you have an SD card in the cam try removing, reformatting and reinstalling it.

-Last ditch you could try deleting and reinstalling the cam itself

Thanks for your reply. Tried all you suggested and still have the problem.

  • Restarted the cam.
  • Deleted and added it again to the app.
  • Deleted the rules and recreated
  • Deleted the entire app and created again.

Still whenever the cam detected motion the siren turns on. Even when I deleted all the rules and there are no rules defined at all, the siren turns on whenever the cam detects motion.

What else can be done ? How do I take it from here…?