V3 siren triggers randomly

I have a few v3 cameras, all with firmware. On all of them I have disabled the siren function. Despite this, one unit (and only one) turns on the siren randomly (can’t figure out a pattern but it’s maybe once every few months that I’m aware of). This is making that camera unusable as I have now unplugged it so it doesn’t wake me up at night etc. Anyone seen this before or have tips or do I need to send this unit in for a replacement?

I’d replace it if a factory reset doesn’t work. If that happened, I wouldn’t want to risk it happening again.

They don’t require you to send the unit back sometimes.

That sounds terrible. How do you disable the siren feature? In the android app the only place I see the siren is the manual button to trigger the siren (cam > More > Siren).