Suddenly, the siren on my camera gets turned on without ever being set to do so

I have outdoor version three cameras several of them and have had them for three years suddenly one camera the siren goes off when it detects motion, and I have to physically turn off the siren, but there is nothing telling the siren that it should turn on and there is no event notification or event recording, saying that there was motion This just started 5 days ago that I noticed. I also am no longer getting notifications on any of my camera events for any camera I have reset the app checked online outdoor version three is not available online. I have turned camera off and back on next try will be deleting the app All notifications are turned on not sure what else to try.

Update I did delete the app and reinstall, and it did start sending me notifications again however it is unknown at this time if it got rid of the siren. It is interesting though setting everything back up again there isn’t even a place to enable the siren on that camera.

Deleting app did not work cam still randomly has the siren going off don’t know what happens when I don’t hear it and it sends no notification. I just happened to hear it. I’m sitting in a place where I can’t be seen by the camera at first I thought it was me triggering it, any thoughts? Any ideas?

Hi @cindiaxtell !

First off, sounds like you have an

AC powered, outdoor-rated Cam v3

versus a

Battery powered, outdoor-rated, Cam Outdoor

When people speak of an ‘outdoor’ cam on the forum they’re usually referring to the latter. :slight_smile:

The siren is designed to be activated:

  1. Manually from the cam Live View
  2. Manually from a Rule Shortcut you created, via an icon that will appear in a row across the top of the Home tab
  3. When triggered by a cam detecting Motion, Person, etc, via a Rule you created

So, it sounds like you may have #3, a Rule active that you’re unaware of. First thing to check, anyway.

Navigate to:

Home tab > Account > Rules > History

Take a screenshot and post it in a comment.

It’ll look something like this if any Rules are being executed:

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If you have Cam Unlimited, check these settings:

Yes, thank you. How did that rule even get there lol. It’s odd that it suddenly happened after 3 years. I deleted the rule! Thanks for your help