Cam v3 unexpected siren trigger - what did I do?

I have a v3 cam pointed at my backyard and yesterday upon taking my dog out first thing about 7am an unfamiliar alarm type of sound started. Took me a bit to figure out it was the v3 cam up on the balcony but I could see the red light flashing on the front. But there was nothing showing up in the app to indicate the siren was on, so I had to go upstairs and unplug the unit to get it to stop.

I have never enabled the siren and confirmed that the settings in the app showed everything disabled. I’m unsure what may have caused the siren to go off, but I had never heard that sound before so I’m confident it was triggered precisely when I walked out and the cam detected AI/person for some reason. Now I’m a bit worried any of my other cameras including the one in the sleeping kids’ room would sound an unintended alarm. Does anyone know of a FW bug related to this that might be fixed in upcoming releases?

The only other thing I can think of is I’m using a 16.4’ USB cable from Amazon that is probably longer than optimal for voltage drop on the cable. A low power supply voltage might cause unexpected behavior even though that seller claims this cable is compatible etc.


The latest update made the siren an event that can be triggered. I was trying to do it over the weekend and could not make it work. Today, with the new update it worked. Check to see if you have something in Rules.

I have never used any rules, and just double checked to confirm - indeed no rules set up in my Wyze app.

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Same problem, siren keeps going off because it’s windy. I cannot disable it

not a single rule has been set. I HATE THIS!!!


thanks for posting about this, was one of my fears with the siren. Will not update my firmware now.

Can’t you just turn off Record Sound in advanced settings. I have mine turned off and have had no issues after the update I did yesterday.

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It’s just one cam out of three. They all have the same rules, no sound notifications

Is there an appropriate way to raise this flag to the firmware team at Wyze as a bug in the code?

Why would I need to turn off record sound? I can still hear the siren with my ears

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Well I don’t know the setting on your cam. People wanted rules to make the siren work with motion or other things. I assume the idea was to have it go off with either motion or sound. If sound detection was turned on that would set it off. I am not saying yours is on or if that causing your siren to go off. I did the firmware update, then I restarted the cam and the only time my siren goes off is when I do a manual push on the app. I’m sure it may be something to do with the update but I have had no issue. Besides the sound detection turned off I also have all other motion events turned off with just AI events turned on. I don’t need to be notified when a shadow or tree branch sways in the wind. :upside_down_face:

I deleted the camera that was having the problem and readded it. It’s back to normal

What version of FW is it running now? I removed and readded to give it another chance too.

My fw version is

I guess this is still a thing. I changed one of my v3 camera settings to record events and now no matter what I do it randomly starts the siren going off. Been trying to figure it out for 2 hours now. After 5 times of running out to pull the plug and apologize to the neighbors, I’m declaring this the worst feature ever!

Now I don’t have event recording enabled at all and it still runs amok a few minutes after plugging it in.

I sent in a log 362501 and 362520.


Is there like an anti-tamper screw or something triggering it?

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I got the same problem. Siren started off for no reason waking up my toddler son. Is there a way to disable the siren completely? Does anyone know? This is Cam Pan v3, firmware

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I’m having the same problem. My neighbor texted me to say the alarm was going off. I haven’t been able to fix it yet except by turning the camera off.

If you also have a Pan v3, here is a TearDown video. Which shows how to unhook the speaker cable.

is there way to upload own sound like dog barking instead of police siren
or maybe hook up live radio stream?
that would be cool