Wyze Siren trigger

With the new update my V3 cam that I have outside is constantly triggering the siren. I have tried everything to disable it. It’s annoying. The camera picks up dust and notifies me so every time that happens the siren goes off. ALL NIGHT LONG

I do not want this feature on ANY of my cams

That is odd…I updated all my cams yesterday and have no issues. Have you tried removing the cam from your app then adding it back?

I’ll try that after work. It was fine until the update. If my indoor cams were doing this I would be losing my mind

Wow, that would drive me insane… You are not the only one, I have seen another thread where someone is having the same issue.

How have you enabled the siren? I have eight V3 cameras and other than manually turning on the siren once to see what it did, I have never heard a peep. Have you created a rule somewhere that enables the siren?

I did nothing, it just goes off now. I tried the turn off siren rule, still goes off

My siren on my new V3 goes off whenever someone walks by…turned off triggers, rules etc but still blasts away.