March 1 UPDATE: It happened again. See post below. Wyze Cam v3 Siren when System is Disarmed

Over the weekend I installed the Wyze Home Security System. I attached my existing Wyze Cam v3 to it. Today, while my system was disabled, I suddenly heard an extremely loud siren come from the camera. I immediately put in my PIN to the keypad to reset as disabled, but that didn’t help. I finally unplugged my camera that stopped it,

How can this be since my system was disabled? Or is it just a faulty camera that had nothing to do with the system?

Thank you.

If your sharing the camera

It has to be unrelated to the Home Monitoring System. Currently there is no way that I am aware of to link the Camera siren to the Home Security at all. You can add cameras into the Monitoring tab as a “Security Camera” but this does not affect how the camera functions, including the siren, in any way (this is why the keypad or disarming the system had no effect on the camera siren). It is more of a convenience feature so you can easily review concerning events captured on the most important cameras, especially when the system was armed.

Something else had to have set off the camera siren somehow, such as a rule/automation, or someone else with access to it accidentally tapping the siren or something. I would go to the account tab and select rules then review all the rules there that might have something related to a siren. Also check the History tab there and see if it tells you which rules were executed around the time this occurred.

Worst case scenario, reach out to Wyze support and they will walk you through some other possible things:


(206) 339-9646, or you can chat with an agent or create a ticket on the support site.
4 am - 6 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8 am - 4 pm PT Saturday.

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UPDATE: It just happened again. The siren came on for about thirty seconds and then stopped.

By the way, I called Wyse Tech Support who have no idea what is happening. They think it’s defective and I MAY be able to get a replacement for free.

That is really weird. I would think something like a rule has to be triggering it (or a person messing with you, especially if it turned itself off after 30 seconds…something doesn’t make sense…I thought it’s supposed to take like 10 minutes to time-out).

Maybe turn on 2 Factor authentication for your account to absolutely make sure nobody else can access your Wyze account except for you.

So weird, Interesting Wyze tech support had no other solution but to deem my camera “possibly defective.”

I set up two-factor authorization. That’s a great suggestion. Thanks.

I just got a notice from Wyze today that may POSSIBLY be related to your issue somehow. I don’t THINK it is, since it says nothing about testing the siren on any cams, and the testing is not supposed to happen until tomorrow anyway, but maybe there was some kind of inadvertent test while preparing for this? Again, I don’t think so, and it’s weird that it didn’t happen to lots of other people, including myself, if it were related in some way, but I guess it can’t hurt to share what I just read nonetheless:


I am just saying there is a VERY SLIM possibility that there was some kind of testing going on related to HMS security cams as you’d originally wondered. I don’t think it is likely, but I don’t have any better explanations for what you experienced either, so it’s worth reporting to you just in case. :wink:


The timmer on the V3,and V2 PTZ shows 29 seconds

The siren sounded again at 2:00 PM eastern time. Wyze is sending me a replacement:

That’s good. So weird it is just one camera, and not a rule. A replacement sounds like a great resolution.

Thanks, I just knew the siren on the Hub went for closer to 10 minutes, so I was just assuming the same would be true for the siren on the cameras.

I was frankly surprised how easy it was to get a replacement. Thought I’d have to fight for one.

I have personally always found Wyze support to be exceptionally reasonable. If you’re still under warranty, and you are cooperative with going through the tests they ask you to try first, it’s not a fight. They’ve often even gone above and beyond in many situations. I’ve been really impressed.

Sometimes even when something was 100% my fault, they still helped me out. Like when I got the video doorbell, it took me a while to set it up, I was past the 30 day return window and I had lost a few pieces (like the wires that connect up in the mechanical chime). I called support and told them it was 100% my fault, not theirs, that even if I was in the return window, I lost pieces so I wouldn’t qualify anyway. I told them I was willing to pay for my mistake and I asked if I could pay to get just another couple of wires that I lost, but I’d understand if they can’t do that, I just thought it couldn’t hurt to ask… and they just offered to send me a FULL replacement at no cost (I returned what pieces I still had of the original). I was just dumbfounded that even though I admitted it was 100% my fault, and that I knew I didn’t qualify for a return, etc, they still went above and beyond to take care of me.

The hard part is usually getting through their script of all the tests they want us to run first. :slight_smile: I don’t blame them for making us check everything first though. But once they verify it’s not a common solution, they either escalate it to someone higher up to look in more detail or just replace or fix it some other way when possible. They are pretty customer friendly in my experience.


Are critical alerts on iOS functioning as they should now?

If yes, do they work without the monitoring service?

I have never used iOS, so I’m not very familiar with iOS specifics like this. I recall Wyze mentioning something about iOS critical alerts, but I don’t know if that was enabled already or is a future update.