Wyze Cam 3 losing connection after siren use

I have six Cam 3’s and one of them loses connection and gives an error code 20 and then an error code 90 after I use the siren on it. The other work just fine. I always have to power cycle the Cam 3 in order to get it back online.

Anyone see this issue and have a fix?

How are you powering that camera? Supplied power brick and supplied power cable? Did you use an aftermarket longer ran usb cable? If you are using the supplied Wyze wall brick that’s 5v1a, see if you have an extra 5v2a phone charger brick and use that.


Stock power brick. I do have it on a temp USB extension until I install a closer outlet… Let me take that out of the equation and see what happens. Thank you for the advice!

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I bet that longer cable has to much loss. Hope that’s the easy fixable issue!

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How are you using your siren? I can’t seem to get mine to work. I made a rule that says if my Porch camera sees a person, I want the Porch camera siren to come on. The Porch camera definitely sees a person (me) and notifies me, but the siren does not come on. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks.

Can you post a screen shot of your rule?

I have never tried to post a picture. Here goes.
This rule is setup as a Device Trigger.
It’s called Porch Siren.
It is Enabled.
I only want the siren to sound if a person is detected on the Porch camera (I have Cam Plus) between 10pm and 6am - every night.

Rule looks correct. I will set up the same rule and test it on mine… I currently have two rules setup to manually activate all 6 or my cameras at a push of a button and one to turn them off.

Just tested it and have the same issue as you, I tried mine with out a time and with both person and also with just motion to see if I could get it to trigger and it did not trigger the siren so I am thinking it is a bug that will need to be fixed in either the software, or server side at Wyze

Thank you very much for testing this for me. My original question to you was how are you using your siren? I’m still curious. Maybe that’s how I should be using mine.

I currently have two rules setup to manually activate all 6 or my cameras at a push of a button and one to turn them off. See the two buttons on my Wyze app main page, if I want to trigger all my sirens at once I hit that button and then will all go off at once. They will time out after 30 seconds (I think) or I can hit the siren off button to stop them right away.

OK, I get it. You are not currently triggering your sirens based on an event. You are triggering them with the push of a button. Do you think maybe they were not designed to activate based on an event? I wonder if anyone has been successful triggering a siren based on an event?

Works perfect without the USB extension.

No I do not think that. Why else would they allow you to setup a Rule based on motion? Hopefully someone with Wyze will check this thread and have a programmer/engineer look into… other wise someone is going to have to open up a support ticket with tech support.

I am using a longer cable than the one that came with the camera. Are you saying your rule works perfectly when you are not using a longer cable on that camera?

PCHearn, my long USB extension was causing my camera to go off line.

As for the rule you are trying to get working, Last night at about 2am a lightning storm came through and triggered my siren on my living room cam 3 so today I did some testing and found out two things, One: If you have previous rules setup they seem to override the new rule for setting off the trigger. I had a rule setup for my living cam 3 to not send any notifications from 6am-10pm so even though I setup another rule for the siren it was ignored (maybe). Two: if you have the motion sensing set to low ) I had mine at 20) the siren will not trigger because mine was not sensing any motion at the setting except lighting lighting up my entire house at 2am. I do not have Person detection so I can’t test that but if I where you I would temp turn off all other rules and then set your sensitivity to high and then test your rule for siren trigger off of person detection and see if it works. Then from there you can go back and adjust your rules and sensitivity. Hope this helps.

If you mute notifications, the events still occur as motion is detected (your just not notified via the app that it happened). I suspect the sirens are activated due to a rule you made “detecting motion” then activating the siren which the “mute notifications” doesn’t effect. Can you post screen shots of both rules to confirm?

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That is correct. I currently have notifications turned off and siren activation from Person detection definitely works. Just tested it again on my basement v3 to make sure. It shouldn’t make a difference, but I don’t use Start/End times in my siren rules:

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I realize that this is a two year old thread, but, it actually helped me solve my problem! I installed three cam v3’s last month, and, the one attached to the front of our house would go offline every time I triggered the siren or used the mic. I thought it was a bad cam until my search brought me here! After reading the OP’s question & the suggested solution, I realized that I had used a 15 foot, aftermarket, usb cable on the camera in question.

I really only needed three extra feet longer than the provided six foot cable, so, I took a six foot electrical extension cord & cut out three foot, then spiced it back together to make a three foot extension cord. I then replaced the 15’ aftermarket cable with the original six foot cable, then plugged it into the make shift extension cord and…waalaa! Problem solved!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks to the OP- sirdigitalknight & the problem solver- Omgitstony, and everyone that contributed :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: :+1:

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Thanks for your update and reply! :slight_smile: Glad its working for ya now.

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