Wyze v3 disconnects from wifi when siren turned on

My v3 disconnects from wi-if when siren turned on. Siren turns on then turns off after timer ends. I have to restart the cam to reconnect back. Can someone else try a few times. This happens 8 out of 10 times.

Best guess is a voltage issue. Are you powering the camera from the normal power supply and cable, or doing something different?
I have only used the siren once - to confirm it works, but did not have a problem with it.


I have 5 v3 cameras and i have NOT experienced this issue either. Hooefully you can find a fix

No. Emailed Wyze support no reply. Have another cam with same setup and that’s fine.

I’m having the same issue, did you ever resolve this?

K6CCC, i’m having the same issue. How can voltage cause this? I’m using a USB extension cord, could that cause a voltage drop? The camera operates as expected otherwise.

The longer the cable (and the gauge of wire) will cause voltage to drop due to resistance in wire…

Try using the original stock cord with power supply and an extension cord to the power pack, If your problem goes away then you know it is due to the voltage drop.

The link below is a solution for long wire runs, using outdoor low-voltage landscape lighting wire.