Wyze cam v3 freezes/disconnects when using the siren or speak feature

My Wyze cam v3 apparently disconnects itself because I used the siren or talk feature. Is it because it’s taking in too much power? I used the original cable and brick…

Try a different usb power adapter.
Sounds like a current draw issue to me too…

Yeah… but isn’t it supposed to work out of the box? Really weird…

I have heard of others getting a bad usb supply, so you could have gotten one.

I mean, I used a different 5V-1A charger and the same things happening. I used a 10W Apple iPad charger and it’s working fine.

Maybe routing your USB cable between the door or window didn’t work out so well?


Oh no, I bought 2. A Wyze Cam Pan V3 (which hasn’t gotten setup yet) and Wyze cam v3 related to this topic.

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If it’s working fine with your iPad charger, you got a dud power adapter or cable. Tell customer support about your successful test with different power adapter and ask for a replacement. :+1:

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