Cam V3 - Pushing the Talk button disconnects Cam

Attempting to use the talk button causes the camera to freeze and disconnects from the app, have to power cycle to get it reconnected.
This only affects the selected camera in use on the app, the other cameras continue to operate normally.
Anyone else have this issue?
This happens to any camera I choose and I have 3 of them.


I confirm this issue, at least for one of my toddler cam’s which is a V3. I’ve been waiting for anyone else to report the same issue. (I haven’t checked my other V3’s yet).

Will you let me know what model Cam you have, what the firmware version is, and what app version you are using?

Maybe also submit a log and post the log number here in case I can talk to Wyze Desmond or someone about it? Keep in mind that submitting a log has nothing to do with creating a support ticket, It is simply something I might be able to pass on to another Dev to check and see if he can find any communications between our cameras to see why it is happening to us. Support won’t be responding to a submitted log.

I never contacted support because I believe it is a beta firmware issue and hope that the new beta firmware they’re releasing soon might resolve it, so I’ve been waiting for that, but now that you’re also reporting this, I will see if others can replicate it or figure it out for us.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I will also report this is it is still present in the new beta firmware they’re working on.


Here you go:
Model Cam. WYZE Cam V3
Android App Version

Will mess with logs once I read up on how to extract it. My understanding is it requires to pull out the SD and read the file .

If using a non-Wyze USB or extension USB cable I have noticed that if the supply voltage drops to low when live streaming and talking it will reset/lockup camera.

If using stock USB cable then above would not apply.


I was about the say that before I saw your post :slight_smile:

Try to use the included Wyze power adapter and cable, and see if the issue persists

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Thanks. This could be the issue on mine, I am definitely using a very long 3rd party cable connected to a 3rd party power adapter on that camera that locks up.

I am installing the latest beta firmware on my cams now. If it still occurs, I will test with the correct adapter/cord and see if it still happens. Then I might try replacing the cord with a better one. :slight_smile: The Wyze cord is too short, so I have to use a 3rd party cord to get it to mount where I need it.

I wish Wyze would sell their own long cords.


On one my shorter wired Cam l have tried to test a WYZE cord and does seem like an improvement but the issue is still there, it’s like flipping a coin. It’s a hit or miss. The longer cord seems to be guaranteed fail.
I do have 2 cameras that requires a longer cord that cannot be moved as the location is ideal.
Wonder if a stronger USB plug will help?

I am testing the new Beta firmware on mine and it is now working correctly without crashing.

So perhaps that firmware will be released soon and resolve the problem for you as well, or you could enroll in Beta and see if it fixes your problem too.


I figured it out, I’m in beta. I’m going to test one camera and see how it goes.
Thanks to all for feedbacks.

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Wow, the beta firmware fixed all of my problems and the connection speeds seems to be much higher. Went ahead and put on all of my cams :joy:


NICE! Since it fixed everything for me too, I was hoping you’d experience the same. This is great to get confirmation that it did the same thing for both of us. :+1:

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Is there a way to see time lapse of a previous day? Instead of scrolling by the seconds??

Sort of…not officially though.

Officially you have to schedule a time-lapse in advance. That is the best way.

Some of us have done timelapses AFTER the fact by doing the following though:

  • Make sure your camera has been recording “Continuously” to an SD card
  • Remove the SD card from the camera and put it into a computer (might work on a phone too)
  • Use something like VLC media player
  • Have VLC open all the files and change the FPS (Frames per second) rate that it plays the video at and save them.

Now you’ve just created a time-lapse from all those videos after they were already recorded.
VLC will also let you view them at any speed you want, if you just wanted better scrubbing options.

Those are the only real 2 ways to do timelapse. As I said, it’s easiest to schedule it ahead of time, but if really important, you can always do it later using recordings on the SD card, it’s just a lot more work and more complicated.