Recent Update? Camera Rebooting.

Starting yesterday my Wyzecam (only about 1 month old) began constantly rebooting. I keep hearing the clicking sound of the camera and the lights flash so that’s what I assume is happening. It is definitely broken and even manually resetting it causes the female voice to get stuck in an endless fast loop. Not sure if there was a firmware update that cause this perhaps.

I have opened a support ticket hoping I can RMA it but thought I would drop into the community to see if anyone else has had issues.

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Are you using a third party cable or power supply? Can you try changing both of these (even if not third party) and see if that makes any difference?

No I am not. I suppose I could try the power supply and cable from one of my other Wyze cams.

If that doesn’t help, you can try a factory reset. But likely you will have to wait for the support ticket.

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I mentioned in my post that I did reset it. I held down the button on the bottom until it made the chime sound and the female voice came on so I assume this was a factory reset. Then the voice got stuck in a broken fast loop without finishing the sentence. “Your camera is now…” “Your camera is now…” “Your camera is now…”.

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You probably did, but try holding the button down for a full 30 seconds.

I have 3V-2’s and 1 V-1 on the same network. Had kind of this issue before - camera would toggle between day and night vision; it was corrected via software update. This new issue causes one of my V2’s to constantly reboot and happened after recent software upgrade. I have an open ticket, no response yet.

I did receive a response and Wyze agreed to send me a replacement with pre-paid shipping label no questions asked.

I am happy with the support so far, there was definitely something wrong with this camera and it died prematurely.

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Do you have an SD card in the camera? If so, try removing its and see if the rebooting stops.

the same exact thing is happening to me! How do I do a support ticket?

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The best way is to use the help section in the app in the Account tab.

Account > Help & Feedback > Report an Issue


same thing happening to me with a camera I got new and it hasn’t worked right from day one. I have 7 cameras and this one is the only one having the problem. Nothing helps so I submitted a ticket and am now waiting to hear back from Wyze on it. Hoping they do like they did for ehayric and just send me a replacement.

Welcome to the community, @dan.zimmerli. Did you see Loki’s reply just below the comment you replied to? Do you have an SD card in the camera? Did support get back to you, yet?

I don’t and it so far doesn’t matter what firmware version I try. All my other WyzeCams work flawlessly but this one continues to have issues locking up and rebooting.