Wyze Cam V2 "reboots and clicks" after I use the talk feature

Hey Everyone!

Not sure if this is just a “my camera” issue, but I had not used the mic feature on one of my V2’s until just this evening, when I press the Mic to talk, I start to hear my voice come from the V2, then it abruptly stops, clicks ( like it does when you first turn them on) it doesn’t actually power cycle because the blue light stays on, I have to Manually power cycle it for it to go back to normal.

Anyone have this issue, if so come to any resolution? Thanks in advance! I know I may have to create a ticket, but thought I would check :smiley:

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Check to see if the SD card is corrupted, or needs a format.

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It looks as though I did not format the Wyze SD card, and just used it without formatting, all seems well after formatting, Don’t know why I didn’t try that, guess I was looking to deep into it. Thank You @DreadPirateRush