Pan Cam Rebooting Every Night

New to these devices and have been working great except for 1. I have 2 the same distance to the router which is only about 10 feet and the one watching the door will randomly reboot itself every night at random times. I thought it may be the SD card from other posts so I put the SD card into my hallway cam which is the one farthest from the router and its working fine and bought a new 64GB card for the door cam and it still reboots. Also tried reflashing the cam with no success. Another weird thing is I had it set to record events at 11PM-8AM and it randomly switched the time and disabled event recording. The times it reboots is before the schedule, Never heard it reboot during the scheduled time.

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Have you tried factory resetting the camera? This may fix the rebooting issue.

I have same issue here. I have this for almost a year now and I just notice it a few months back.
Mine will reboot at around 8 0r 9 pm and it will rotate for 360 degree and then back to normal. I wish there is a log that I know when it got reset or reboot in wyze app.

Same time as mine, I tried the factory reset as mentioned and it worked for a week then started again. Once it started again I did a factory reset, reflash of the latest FW, It seems to freeze up and then eventually reboot itself. Something is causing it to get overloaded, max out its memory, or just plain lock up. It has happened more tonight then previously, but it could be doing it while I am asleep and I would not know. The one thing I find odd is the rotation test it does after its reboot, it goes right and grinds hard and then goes left hits the end and done, I wonder why the right side gets to the ends and tries to keep going while the left does its test properly. Since this is the only cam that is set to record at night as its the one I wont trigger I turned off record locally and hope that will fix it even though I have tried multiple SD cards and the current one is new and I bought 2 and the other is in one of my other pan cams that has no issues so far,

With record locally off, it rebooted again shortly after. I was able to finally connect after it rebooted, went offline, then showed up finally after 10min and I connected, turned off record locally and while filling out a support ticket it rebooted,

EDIT: I stood off to the side of the camera and tried triggering the motion alerts and it would report them then after I did it 3 times I could no longer connect, no more motion detected alerts and then it rebooted itself.

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I may have found a fix for my camera, not sure if it works for others, but it has been 2 days since the pan cams last reboot so if it holds until the end of the week I will post what I disabled. I did add back and SD card which was a new 32GB card, it lists all over the only recommended size is 32GB, even though a 64GB to 128GB using exfat may work, but not supported. It is recommended to format any card inserted the card with the camera so it has the recommended file system.

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