V2 Cam Pan intermittent reboot failure

I have 4 Cam Pans. Every once in a great while there may be some random glitch, and a camera may lock up and become unresponsive It is infrequent, but a pain when it happens. And yes, I’m always on the latest camera firmware, and latest version of the Wyze app.

Anyway, the solution I’ve devised is to create a rule for each Cam Pan to restart/reboot around 1AM each morning. This has totally resolved any camera eventually locking up. However, now I have a different problem.

One of my Cam Pans is a V2. About once a week (on a random day) the V2 will not successfully reboot. It will be unresponsive, and have to be manually power cycled. Once manually power cycled, I can go into the stored SD video, and sure enough the video history stops at the exact time of the rule to reboot, until I manually cycle the power. Something is intermittently hanging in the rule-initiated reboot.

Again, this only happens on the single V2, and not any of the V1s. Again, current firmware.

I’ve never noticed this doing a manual (non-rule-based) reboot from the app, but that does not mean a lot since I have not done many of those actions.

Ideas, thoughts, discussion?

Check your rules history in account > rules > history. Click the entry and it will give more details. Does it say it failed?

Anyway, cams disconnect like this is often the result of network issues. Are you using the router given by your ISP? Is there good wifi range to the cams? What’s your speeds up and down? Are you aware of the device limit on your router? How old is your router?


It’s a device issue. The rules history says succeded, but the V2 Pan Cam is locked up and unresponsive. None of the three V1 Cam Pans exhibit this issue, ever. About once a week. Newer Linksys router, with good WiFi coverage. No device limit issue on my router.

If it was a network issue I would expect to see it happen on the other cameras, or issues with other devices on my network.