Cam Pan V2 is spinning several times a day

I have a cam pan V2 running software ver that I have turned OFF in my living room but several times a day my wife notices it “spinning” like it does when it reboots. I have 4 other v2’s running and none exhibit this behavior. How do I go about diagnosing this?

Turned off by unplugging it, or turned off at the app?

To me, this indicates some kind of power problem.

Could be the outlet – you could try moving it to a different outlet for a while…preferably one not on the same breaker…if it still does it, then you know it’s not the outlet/line.

Could be the cord or power adapter – You could try using a different cord and power supply.

Could be something inside the camera wore out. A guy here indicated that one of his pan V2 motors wore out and he fixed it by disconnecting the motor:

It might fix it to reset it to factory settings or flash the firmware in case there was something that didn’t load right:


I just turned on my cam pam v2 it asked to update and the light froze solid red.
I already tried the factory reset and I couldn’t do it?
Do you have any solution?