Why does my WYZE PanCam1 spin around for no obvious reason?

Not at any specific time, just when ever…

And when it does, it’s not accessible.


Ty Ford

Generally it will do this after a power cycle or reset, like a recalibration.

Check your AC adaptor and cable, make sure they are plugged in firmly.

Could be a power issue.


I agree with R.Good, if it is spinning around it likely means the camera rebooted. Most likely culprit is power was temporarily lost and restored. Maybe the cord is bad, maybe the outlet, maybe you’re using a 3rd party cord that is too long…because a long cord can cause the power to drop too low and not get sufficient power to the device, sometimes causing it to reboot when it tries to use a lot.


Thanks. Done and I’ll report back.


Ty Ford

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