Cam Pan V2 keeps restarting and going off line

Last week , 1 of my Cam Pan V2 cameras started restarting itself and panning around. I checked the settings and reset it. It continued to do the same thing. I flashed the firmware like it says here and it is still doing it. When I check Firmware version, it is latest, so it seems it is not reading what is on the sd card. I did it EXACTLY as instructed.
My bf has 2 of the same V2 cameras and one of his has started to do the restart thing but it is staying online. Mine is not. I do not understand how something can work fine for a couple of months and just randomly start doing this. It’s in the same place that my Pan Cam V1 was sitting so, it should not be a network issue as I had the V1 and a V2 connected for several weeks before getting the other V2. There is only 1 Smart TV and 1 Echo device connected to my 50 mbps internet along with 2 V2s and one V1. I have them all lowered to 360p and still can NOT keep the main V2 Driveway cam connected. I changed my backyard cam and put it in the window and made it the driveway cam and vice versa. Still the same thing. Its about 25 ft from my router.
Please help! What should I do?