Strange behavior from V2 and Pan cameras (resetting?)

Over the past few days, I have noticed an odd behavior. Sitting in my home office I am within earshot of 2 V2s and a pan camera. First one of the V2s will click like the day/night shutter is operating, Within seconds I hear the other then finally the Pan which then goes through the full 360 sweep. I’m guessing the cameras all just reset but I’m not sure. Today it did it twice in less than 6 hours. Any idea what is going on? These 3 cameras are all running the RTSP firmware. Thank you.

Do you have any scheduled reset rules? How are they all powered? Individually plugged in to the wall or daisy chained?

Thanks for the reply, I have no rules of any kind created. Each camera is plugged in separate outlets

I am thinking the cameras are restarting, and going through their startup proceses but don’t know why. Is it always at the same time? Any electrical issues in the house.? Have you tried using different outlets? I wouldn’t think the RTSP firmware has anything to do with it but do you record the footage elsewhere or live view somehow? How new are the V2s? Just gonna say that the RTSP firmware is an older beta unsupported firmware.

The V2s are a month old, The pan is a few months. I do have an NVR running that is recording the cameras using RTSP. It’s a new house, no obvious electrical issues, blinking lights etc. I’ll switch one camera to regular firmware and see if that changes anything. It does it at different times, today it did it twice in the AM but has not done it in the last 10 hours. Very strange.