Connectivity issues and resolution

After owning these cameras(pan and v2) for years I noticed they recently have had trouble connecting and displaying in the app. They simply wouldn’t connect. Never ending spinning icon, error messages, frozen images. Set a rule to restart every night. Seems to have improved their ability to connect and display properly. Anybody else have this and try this?

Can you provide the Firmware version of the Camera’s affected? In addition, can you also add the type of device being used and the version of that as well.

I have a Pan Cam v2 and am not running into this issue. I currently use the following:

iOS App Version (Beta): 2.27.16 (5)
iOS App Version (Prod): 2.27.32
Android App VersIon: 2.27.33

Pan Cam v3 FW Version (Beta):

Note: Current Production Firmware for Pan Cam v2 is and for the Pan Cam v1 the FW version is

I am glad setting a schedule to cycle to camera’s has made them more reliable, excellent solution. I have also found that physucally unplugging the power waiting for about 15 seconds and the connecting the power back seemed to correct issues like this and did not need to have a schedule to cycle the camera’s. Something to try if you have not.

Thank you very kindly. Everything firmware wise is up to date. I check that regularly. They are working better with the scheduled restarts. Again, thank you. This is the first “rule” I ever applied to the Wyze cameras.

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I don’t do this regularly because my v2s ‘roam’ to the ‘wrong’ (sub-optimal) ‘nodes’ of my flawed ‘mesh’ system after doing so. They usually take a while to ‘roam’ back to ‘optimal’ without intervention. And one or two virtually ‘never’ do. So… :slight_smile:



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Many issues like this are network-related. Can you share some information about your home network? What speed do you pay for from your ISP? How many smart devices (TVs, Wyze Cams etc) do you have in your home, and do they all connect to a single router or a mesh system.