3 out of 4 cameras no longer working reliably since updates

Since the updates the past few weeks my cameras throw error 90 and only reconnect after hitting the reconnect several times. Today they won’t reconnect even hitting reconnect 20+ times. These cameras that were once solid and never went down no longer work even 50% of the time. Now today 0%. I’ve done restarts, unplugged for over 10 minutes and have reset the cameras to factory. Still no luck. Don’t have much faith in Wyze and am looking at other options. I do have one camera that hasn’t been an issue at all and has stayed solid which is the furthest from router. Any advice to get these working again?


What kind of Update? firmware or app?
what of camera v1,2 or pan?
ios or android?
sd card?

I have updated all camera firmwares as well as the iOS app.

And 2 cameras are v2 and 2 are pan. One of the pans works fine and all were purchased at the same time.

Me too. 3 cameras down.

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