I bought four Wyze Cam Pans less than a month ago and they were all working fine. They all stopped working as of yesterday, 7/18/18. I have perfect internet connection as well as WIFI, but the cameras just stopped working. I’ve tried rebooting the wireless router as well as the cameras, but they’re NOT WORKING. I’ve also removed the cameras from the app and reinstalling them to no avail. I have also rebooted my iPhone to no avail.


What do I need to do the get them working again? Thanks in advance.

What do they not do? Just saying “NOT WORKING” does not really tell us much. What’s the status lights doing? Does the cameras do a “normal” pan move when each camera is power cycled? What happens when you attempt to connect from your phone? What happens when you attempt the setup - do you get the normal voice prompts? Can you connect to your router and determine if the cameras are getting DHCP IP addresses (some consumer routers don’t allow that - or you may not know how to do that)?

It seems insanely unlikely that four separate cameras would have failed at the same time. Something else changed. Start by figuring out what else changed. You can also trying a factory reset on the cameras (press and hold the setup button for something like 20 - 30 seconds) and then setup again. As I said, very unlikely that all four failed. BTW, even if a factory reset and setup “fixes” the problem, it’s still unlikely that it was a camera issue, but that allowed the cameras to connect to whatever did change.