My wyze pan stopped working

Hi there,
My wyze pan camera stopped working over the weekend. I have updated the app, deleted the app, re-downloaded the app, unplugged the camera, plugged it back in and it still is nothing working. It’s only 2 years old. Can someone help me please?

Thank you

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Can you explain “not working”? That could mean many things, if you could explain any error messages, What the screen is showing or what the status light on the camera is indicating, that will help with directed troubleshooting. And am thing else you think is pertinent. Thanks in advance!


It’s just not working or turning on

Isn’t that an amber light lite up done at the bottom of the camera? Its looks like its getting power (which you didn’t explain), so at least we know power is going to it.

I didn’t see in your discussion, so let me add/ask. Did you try another power cord going to the camera? Have you tried a different power adapter? Trying to verify that sufficient power is arriving at the camera.

Have you tried re-adding the camera? Go to add device, select the pan-cam, press the setup/reset button on the camera and see whether you can add it back to the app.

There’s power going into it, I’ve switched different outlets. The camera is not operating

Just closing the loop on what I said earlier. I suggested/asked about a different power cable. I suggested/asked about a different power adapter. I didn’t think about an outlet, but since you mentioned it, we can rule that out.

I think you need to define what you call not operating. Because if I have a car and I start the engine and it starts, but I put it in gear and it does not move, Its operating.

So, when I see an amber light at the bottom of the picture you posted, I see not only power going to it like you said, I see its operating. It may not be doing what you want, but that does not mean its not operating.

Frankly we (especially me) don’t know everything about the Wyze cameras or the Pan Camera, just because there’s power to light up the light on the front, does not absolutely guaranteed its enough power. Maybe, (because we don’t know) there’s enough to power up that light but not enough to make it boot all the way up to full operating position.

I don’t think I am helping. So, I am bowing out of this discussion.

@Sam_Bam , thanks for the effort! I agree that things need to be explained more by folks that seek help in threads. Not working or not operating could means many things to many different people, whereas in this case “camera on device list has a cloud with a line through it icon next to it, attempted live view says a connection failed error message, and status light on camera is solid (flashing maybe?)” Would leave nothing to the imagination.

@beautyestheticsnw , looks like your camera/app is indicating camera on device list has a cloud with a line through it icon next to it, attempted live view says a connection failed error message, and status light on camera is solid (flashing maybe?). I have some more follow up questions.

Is the status light blinking? Or solid yellow?
When you power up/plug in the camera, does it do anything like a boot up sequence and spin?
Does your camera have a sd card in it? If so, take the card out and try powering the camera on again.
If you press the setup button does it say ready to connect?

I am thinking a manual firmware flash is needed here. And just reminder that the forums is not the official support for the cameras, you can contact support if you wish at the number I’ll provide below. Just be prepared they will probably ask you a lot of the same questions that we are here. They would be the ones to determine if replacement is needed in this case but I do believe you are outside of the warranty period.

By phone: (206) 339-9646
Or online:
Monday - Friday 4 AM – 8 PM PT

Saturday 8 AM – 4 PM PT


It’s ok Sam, I’m about ready to give up on Wyze, they’re not exactly user friendly and customer service or support is less than zero. I wanted to give it one more chance, but it seems to have flown away, lol.

Thank you community for trying to help!!

I just had this connection failed error after I updated firmware using wyze app Android beta. My wife’s non beta Android app kept getting connection error while my beta Android app was working fine. Resolved it by manually owngrading back to firmware (March 9, 2021)

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I have two Cam Pans that stopped connecting to live view on IPhone 11 when the cams were upgraded to firmware
The IPhone still connects to my Cam V3.
And the Cam Pans do connect and display on my Samsung S20 Android app.
So something in is causing these cameras not to work on IPhone IOS.

Maybe something to do with the email I received from Wyze today:

“camera firmware updates that will not be compatible with Wyze app versions 2.21 or lower”