Wyze cam pan problems

HELP!! My Wyze cam pan stopped working last night. It wouldn’t connect to network. I even Deleted it and tried to reconnect and now it won’t even connect at all. I know that there isn’t a problem with my network because my Wyze cam that is used outside my house is working and connected just fine. I’m REALLY FRUSTRATED because the same thing happened to the one we use as a baby monitor at my parents house and hasn’t connected to a network after it just stopped working one day. I don’t know if there is a problem with the Wyze cam pan in general but nothing is working. It’s my baby monitor so I need it working!! :sob:

Welcome to the community, @sydneylhanks28. First, I would check the power connections at the USB power adapter end, and then at the circular base of the camera. Sometimes the microUSB end can get a little loose.

I’ve had this issue to with connection. It’s one floor above the router you would think zero issues. But when it happens I can’t get it to reconnect. So I take it to another room and do the setup process and it takes the 1st time every time. Then I take it back to the original room and all is fine with the world. Try that