Connectivy issue not resolved

The service update says the connectivity issues of yesterday are pretty much resolved but I’m still not able to view my cameras after power cycling etc. anyone else still blind with no cameras?

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They said if your cameras don’t come back online with a powercycle they want you to report it to support, partially so they can track how many people are affected that way, so I would recommend doing that.

As for myself, my V3 came back up automatically and I had 2 V2’s that needed a powercycle and then they came back up.

If it were me, I would try going through setup again.


Thanks, just submitted a ticket with support and will try to set up again in the meantime.

I was updating firmware my wyze camera pan v3 is not coming back online . I bought the cameras 2023 . I called tech support they were not able to bring it online.