Wyze Cam V3 - When recording, livestream stops / Disconnects

Hello Team,

This is my first time posting on this forum. After a month of experiencing this issue, I finally wanted to contribute and post the issues I have with the V3 cams.

Apologies in advance if this issue was already discussed.

Wyze cam V3 stops and disconnects randomly. And I thought this was random but it seems to be also triggering when someone/something passes by triggering a motion record. (CamPlus)
I think there is a problem with the bandwidth. When the device is recording and trying to upload to the cloud, it cannot seamlessly display livestream of it.

Also even without motion trigger recording, it randomly disconnects and abruptly exits out of the app.

I sent multiple logs over. Hopefully it gets noticed and help in fixing the problems.



Sorry for the inconvenience. What is the firmware version of your V3? When it disconnected, did you hear the sound of V3 rebooting? Thanks

Welcome to the forum and welcome to the club! My v3 have been rebooting every 20 minutes from dawn til dusk for almost a month. Wyze is well aware of the problem as there are dozens of posts on it. There is no ETA for a fix, but hopefully soon.

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Welcome to the forums! How are you powering the camera?

I’m on the version I do not think it restarts, I don’t hear it rebooting.

It is powered directly via wall outlet.

Still, V3 Beta Firmware is known for intermittent connections/SD card recordings.

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I just updated the cams with the new update just rolled out today:
I will update on this forum after few days of testing. Thanks everyone for the comments.


I’ve had this problem for a long time but just accepted it as an Issue with my WiFi and upload speed. (TPLink Mesh M9 3 units). When an event is actively recording via camplus I cannot play the live event and the cameras (all V3’s outside) spin and fail to load. After event is completed then can load camera(s) again. Frustrating because I have a driveway alarm and will open up app to see the cameras but can’t view as is busy uploading. (MEDIACOM 300/30 supposedly) … I have a separate nvr/ethernet cam system and will go look at the dedicated screen for the live view.

I have a gigabit-speed and I monitor all my ingress/egress traffic. It’s not my WiFi issue, I rule that one out early. The latest update may have fixed the issue though. Thanks!


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