V3 Cam stops capturing events

Hi, I’ve been running into an issue where my v3 camera will stop capturing events and sending me notifications until I perform a reset within the app then they resume as normal. This only happens with the v3 camera, not my other v2’s. Any idea why this is happening? Thanks

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Welcome to the community @sirelvin . I am a community member as you and try to help when I can.

Can I ask if you are using Cam Plus or not?

Also, have you opened a ticket and submitted logs?

I am using Cam Plus and have had notification issues for the v3. I have reached out to Wyze on this and they have worked with logs I submitted to see if there is an issue. They are working on a new AI process as well as trying to increase response times. For me this, mainly happens when there is a lot of activity on a camera which would start a Live Event and then a Person may walk into frame which doesn’t trigger a notification, simply because enough time passed to cancel out the AI notification. Please note that Wyze is currently working on this.

If you are not using Cam Plus and this is simple notifications, Can you let me know what type of router you have. I have noticed that the TPLink Deco Routers, although Nice, gave me issues with Live Streaming when Live Events are going on and lack of notifications. Rebooting of my router allowed notification and streaming to continue but only for a period of time.

I now have the ASUS ZenWiFi AX (XT8) routers and no longer experience these issues with streaming or normal notifications. Cam Plus notification, is normally spot on, unless there is a lot going on, which is what Wyze is working on.

I am using cam plus. I submitted a log to Wyze and nothing happened. I really do not know about the Router possibly being the cause. Again, the V2’s have never had this issue. From what I can tell the v3 has a lot of problems. Whether hardware or software.

FYI, A submitted log needs be be followed by the directions in the email that was sent to you if you want follow up or responce.

Try to sign out of app ten back in