WCv3 keeps stopping notifications and recording events

Hi - This cam has been running fine for 4 weeks among several other models of Wyze cams. Earlier this week, I noticed suddenly it hasn’t been sending notifications or recording any events. The environment and the surrounding of this camera haven’t changed for a month. On average I receive approximately 100+ notifications and event recordings per day just from this camera alone, using Cam Plus. Liveview, day, and night vision are fine. This camera is the only one that is stuttering, the live view and the recordings are not smooth (similar to a slow-motion effect) but I think that’s another issue since this effect was like that since day one. Although this was very irritating, I did not investigate why yet.

The first time this happened (no notifications and recordings, I decided to restart the camera, and just to make sure, I also unplugged the power to it for 10 minutes. After doing that it seemed like everything went back to normal with regard to the notifications and events recordings, except for the jitters.

The disturbing part is, earlier today the same thing happened again (no notifications and no recordings) - again, I went through the same ritual. This cannot be real, WYZE.

Why is this starting to happen all of sudden after 4 weeks totally on its own? The issue is, it is too late when I discover the cam decided to stop the notifications and event recordings. I am missing what I need to be monitoring. I cannot be staring at live viewing this cam 24/7.

How common are both of those two issues? In total, this camera hasn’t been put into use for more than 3 months (on and off) at a couple of locations since it was newly unpacked last year.

Your insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Similar thing here. Events stop recording and then suddenly show up 48 hrs later with recordings.
I’ve restarted and I know the cameras are working because I can see live video. Only recently started doing this.


Same problem here. Stuttering playback, and events recording stopping for no apparent reason. Also, since the most recent AP update 6 days ago, when event recording is working, I now get AP notifications for something called “completed motion” which I don’t want and can’t turn off.

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WCv3 Pro here, but the same thing has been happening to me last few days,
Three cameras, all have randomly just stopped recording events at various times, which in turn means no notifications when I want them.

I wouldn’t have cameras if I wasn’t worried about security/safety, so the fact I can’t depend on them is plain unacceptable and I feel I have wasted money. I’ve only had them two months.

Currently I have one that I have restarted, rebooted phone, cleared cache, force stop, log out / log in, removed subscription license, replaced subscription license (Cam+)…yada yada, (not necessarily in that order) and it still refuses to record event.


Yup… no point having security cameras and pay for a plan if recordings are not available for 24-48 hours. And notifications? what’s the point?

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You literally described my issue to a T. I have contacted Customer Support at least 4-5 times about this and they have yet to resolve the issue(s). I am wasting not only money at this point, but also time and energy. I work full time and attend college part time. I do not need this unnecessary stress and anxiety. I am contemplating going back to using my Google Nest camera as I had never experienced such poor Customer Service with them, and actually pay for a service that works.

I’ve been playing with my network settings. I had to add an extender to give my cam3 a stronger WiFi signal, but I noticed that the cam3 was switching back to the weaker router signal lately and that may be when events stop working. Because my neighborhood has a lot of activity on the 2.4 GHz band, I have now set the channel manually and will see how long it stays connected. But whatever happened, it was the most recent AP update that made it worse for me.

I’ve had my cam3 in the same location for a year and a half. I know from experience that if I don’t see three bars on the Device Info page, the AP is not going to run very well. And the stuttering playback is really annoying, even when it has a strong WiFi signal.