Odd Behavior v-3 and app

Alright to start off I have 10 cameras. 9 of them are the v3 and one is an older pan. Yesterday evening all of the cameras shut themselves off like I hit the power button but I never did. It has done this 2 separate times now. The next thing is notifications, some cameras will turn notifications on by themselves. Now my sister in law I have shared the cameras with her for a long time and now starting yesterday she is having problems getting the notifications to turn off on her end. Up until now everything has been separate as far as our notifications settings n such. I have control of the cameras main functions and she can just control how her notifications are. I am wondering if that changed. If anyone has any advice or similar experience please let me know,

By notifications I think you might mean the OS level notifications that apps will create? Or is this directly inside the Wyze app or something else?

OS level notifications can be enabled/blocked by the OS app’s settings or via the app (also including notifications inside the app). The app cannot show notifications if the user blocked them from the OS controls. No block there means the problem is with the app. (If there’s no controls in the app then user is limited in that way.)

Though if its eg notification by way of activity/movement in the camera or whatever then the activity may also be included in the above. Either way this would be an app/service issue.

Seeing that my rtsp test with the v3 shows it working better than the Wyze app, I do believe that their regular app streaming has issues. It also has more or less issues depending on the device the app is running on. To add to that, each device will have its own problems and apps can have problems with certain devices that they don’t have with others. Its a bit of a pain but that’s how OS creators have caused things to be.

The camera’s with the regular app streaming I also believe can interact poorly with the router and the firmware on the camera itself seems to get into an incorrect state where eg rebooting the router will help it to correct itself.

I don’t have the Wyze development code or anything since I don’t work for them so I can only infer what I’m seeing from my tests. I am a developer and programmer.

To state more specifically about the camera’s all appearing to shut off. Don’t know if you had a power issue or if its the streaming interacting badly with the router/network connection. Again, the v3 camera code for networking does at least have some issue based on my tests. So if they have power then its probably that they failed in the streaming of the video over the network due to the issue they have.

If you are using rtsp as-is then there could also be some variation of something mentioned above that happened. The cameras all hinge on power and getting the stream to the destination device for displaying which is the camera’s ability to do networking of it.

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Thank you for the reply, I am referring to the notifications controlled by the app. When I go into the settings for that specific camera - notifications - and then toggle off the notifications. This also only started after I updated the app and the cameras firmware to the latest versions.

It happened again this morning, and once again the notifications turned themselves back on. This time I have created a rule to turn all notifications off for the cameras I do not need notifications for.

I am running a up to date router that I have set for a separate 2.4 and 5ghz connections. All cameras are running on the same power and power never fluctuated. Not sure if it matters but I have the cameras set up into 2 groups: Interior and exterior, I did state that all the cameras “turned off” but I was incorrect in that because the bottom camera in both lists remained on.

I am continuing to monitor the cameras so we will see what happens.

Continuing to do the same thing, I deleted all the rules and buttons I had set up for different stuff hoping that would fix it. The only thing I really have left is to reset the cameras and see if that works.

Cameras will now not only turn on or off notifications by themselves but now they have even turned off event recordings on their own. I have no idea what could be causing this. At this point I might try uninstalling and reinstalling the app and start everything fresh.

I don’t know if this is related but for me the Wyze app’s internal notification setting pertaining to push notifications toggles itself off on its own volition. There’s no apparent conflict with my phone’s notifications settings. So I can’t add anything to help what the OP is experiencing except to say, it sounds at least somewhat familiar and I wonder if it’s related.

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Yes, this is what im talking about.

Only things I know to suggest is to call customer support to discuss the issue. They can assign a case number and follow up with you personally via email. Person to person via phone (not chat) at (206) 339-9646

I have had ZERO assistance when relying on logs submitted to support via the app. That avenue seems to go to a black hole where it’s never heard from again. No matter what the issue has been. The phone rep may ask you to submit a log anyway if only to generate a case number, but i doubt it would be productive in regard to the phenomenon you and I are discussing.

Calling Wyze tech support has actually been useful to me on several occasions.

In the short run. I can also suggest that anyone who you’ve shared your cams with and who is getting unwanted notifications from the app can go into their operating system’s notification settings and turn off notifications for the Wyze app specifically.

However, the reverse is not true. That’s not going to turn ON Wyze app notifications exclusively if the in-app setting has decided to turn itself off.