Wyze Cam 3 Connectivity Issue

I’ve had a Wyze Cam v3 for 3 or 4 weeks, and just got another one 3 days ago. I also have two Wyze Cam v2s, and neither of the v2s have the below issue. The following issue is new for me. I’m on the latest beta.

As of yesterday, when getting into the app, and attempting to view the live stream, both of my v3s are now hanging on the “Getting video data… (3/3)”. I can stay on the screen for several minutes. If I switch to the other v3, sometimes it comes right up, but often it hangs as well. If I go back to the 1st v3 after a short wait it might come right up. It might not. Later after I get in, the next time I try to get in, it comes up right away - unless it’s been hours since I tried, at which point I have the same issue.

This is NOT a Wi-Fi strength issue, since both v3s are within 20 feet of the router. Also, I’m not having any issues with the v2s, one of which is 4 feet from one of the v3s. I rebooted the router, but that didn’t fix anything.

Lastly, I wasnt having the issue at all on the 1st v3, until yesterday. Both v3s updated firmware Saturday, so based on the timing, it sounds related.

FYI, the beta app doesn’t have a rollback option for firmware for the v3s, so I haven’t tried to roll them back yet.

I had a very similar issue today. I have a Pan and V2 that work fine. I had a V3 from earlier on and it has been mostly fine. Got a second V3 today and it kept getting hung up. I ended up rebooting my phone thinking that because Wyze runs in the background that perhaps force quitting the app wasn’t actually quitting the app. Once I rebooted my phone I was able to connect immediately, we’ll see how long it lasts

Thanks for the tip. Not sure about you, but I did that the first day I setup my new v3 several hours after it loaded the new firmware and the issue became apparent. I even deleted all the cache, before I rebooted. It worked for a day, then came back.

Interesting note, switching between V3 cams actually caused the app to freeze and display the your app is not responding message, which is why I rebooted the phone.