Getting Video Data 3/3 - Hung Up - Help!

I purchased two Wyze Cam V2s. One of them works great, but the other never gets past step 3/3 when trying to connect to the stream. It’s located maybe 20ft from the router, so it’s not a connection issue. However, I do notice that my router detects the wifi signal strength as 2 of 4 bars.

I’ve tried updating the firmware a few times and each time it fails. I’m wondering if I bricked it. The firmware doesn’t update, I’ve reset it, got it configured, but never connects. Anyone having this issue? Could it possibly be the camera itself? Thats my thought. Tonight I will bring it upstairs, reset it and try to connect to it adjacent to the router. If that doesn’t work I’m not sure what to do. Thoughts? Please help since it’s driving me nuts.

You can try factory reset or flashing the firmware as described here: