Cam V3 connectivity issues

New V3’s installed in Jan 2021. Often when I try to connect to them they are “offline” or fail the 1,2,3 step connection, or seem to connect but have a static image and 0.0kB data shown and then freeze.

Other times they work without issue. I took a look at my wi-fi connection status and connection quality and discovered that they have very high “experience ratings” from my ubiquiti access point. What I did observe however was that they are frequently dropping off line. Take a look at the uptime compared to my V2 cameras. I assume this is a V3 firmware issue as they all seem to be dropping at various times and all locations.

Any thoughts?

What’s the V3 firmware version?

It is the latest, and the same on all V3’s,
And the signal strength under the firmware version info shows 2 out of 3 bars

Got a spare V2 lying around?

Plug one of the V3s to the back USB port of the V2, see if that stabilizes the connection.

just to be clear, you are suggesting daisy chaining a single Wyze power supply to a V2, and then plugging the V3 to source power from the back of the V2? I assume then using the app to turn off the V2, just that it is in the chain and power goes through it?

What is the hypothesis here?

The v3’s are VERY iffy on their wireless connection - my mesh system is Asus, and 2 v3 cameras won’t connect 10 feet away through a single wall.

They have connected once in a great while, as in <10% (and when in the same room as an AP) - so I know they are working - just very poorly.