Cam 3 - major connection issues

Just rcvd the Cam 3, updated to the most current FW. Having major connection problems. I have the Outdoor Cam, and the Indoor Cam v2. No issues with those. Same network. Indeed the Cam 2is in the same room as the Cam3. The Cam 3 mostly fails to connect, at least 80% of the time, even to the extent that I can’t make changes to the settings due to “Unstable Connection”. I can rarely connect even when I am in the same room.


That specific unit might be defective. I’ve got a V3 cam on a pole in the middle of my front yard and it has never dropped it’s connection. Just ask Wyze to replace it for you.

Specify the FW version. “Most current” doesn’t help much. Look for the info in the app.

I just received (3) V3 cameras yesterday. I was able to get all 3 up and running inside fairly easily. The 1st one will not stay connected and this morning would not connect no matter how many times I rebooted it by unplugging it. I have another V3 right next to it, and it has been perfectly stable since installation. The 3rd V3 I installed has been ok, but I’ve needed to reboot it twice in less than 24 hours, but it at least works after each reboot.

In trouble shooting this morning, I saw that I could update all of the V3’s to firmware I updated the 2 working cameras, and I had to bring the 3rd into the house where it finally worked. I’m guessing there is a wifi connectivity issue here. All 3 are still running now on the latest firmware going on 2 hours now. A new record!!

I thought the V3’s were supposedly better than the V2’s in this area. Maybe not. My V2’s were very stable in these outdoor locations. Out of my V2’s, I have only 1 that won’t stay connected for more than 48 hours give or take. A reboot always gets it back going.

That said, the V3 is an amazing improvement in low light video quality. I hope I, or Wyze, can get this working better.