Cam 3 connectivity issues

Anyone with connection issues with Cam3? I have one on the back of the house that won’t connect or gets an occasional weak connection (0 or 1 bar). I swapped it out with another Cam3- same results. I then swapped it with an Outdoor cam and get a full 3-bar connection. It appears the wifi connectivity is very weak on the Cam3. Too bad because the quality is awesome on the one mounted in the front. Any advice?

So two seperate V3s are having connection issues at the same spot? Do those V3s work good elsewhere? I bet it’s the location. The WCO didn’t count because that is not connected to your WiFi source, that is connected to the base station. You may need to add a secondary wifi source for the V3s and in the back of the house, or move the wifi source closer to the rear of the house.

This is just a guess because I don’t know the construction type, or construction materials used in your house as well as the content of the house which may be hindering the wifi signal to the rear.

I had a D-Link camera in the same spot for years. No issues. The base station is next to the router which are both across an open space. Obviously I could move the router but that’s not a good solution for me and I feel the camera should be able to handle a reasonble distance. Just wondering if others noticed a big range decress from the Cam2 (which is indoor only).