Cam v3 connection issues

I recently installed o Cam 3 outside my office. I have two older Cam 2’s installed inside the office.
The installation for the Cam2’s was trouble free and I have mostly good things to say about the cameras and android app.

I wish I could say the same for the Cam3. It will not maintain a connection, works oddly, and has been a huge headache. A little background, I have ATT DSL, 100mbps, with a Arris BGW210-700 modem that seems to work ok. I set the 3 cams on the second “guest” network and my computer network on the primary 2.4 network. The outdoor cam is relatively close to the router/modem with good signal strength with 3 bars showing under device info when it is working. With the two Cam 2’s I get 75-100kb/s on HD or 360p.

I have the 3 cams in a group, and at times all three will livestream, but usually Cam3 will not, and error code of 27,20 or 90. It will display connection failed, but then I can walk outside and get a text event alert with a captured video of me? I’ve reset the modem, reinstalled the android app, checked the firmware, gone thru the complete cam setup multiple times. Is it bad software or hardware?

Have you tried first testing your V3 indoor? Is the firmware up to date?

Swap it with one of the V2s and see if the problem persists.

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I will try a swap with a Cam2 and see how that effects the performance and operation.
It just seems odd that it will capture a solid video of a motion event after not being able to connect for streaming. The firmware is updated, I placed a wifi extender next to the cam3 and did a speed test next to the cam with great results. I’m wondering if I should try my own router with the ATT modem portion?
Thanks for your suggestions.

I just cam across one posters solution for a similar problem, was to use a network analyzer app (never done that before) to check for channel congestion/interference and try a quieter channel.

I did try swap cameras, placing a Cam v2 outside and the Cam v3 inside near the router. Both Cams worked properly for live streaming and alerting. My v2 works much better outside without a network extender than the v3 using a network extender in the same location.

It seems both the v2 and v3 are receiving an adequate signal outside but there is some issue with the cam v3. Now the question is it a design/software issue or just a defect with my v3.

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Do you have issues when connected to the same network as the camera? How is the connection using mobile data?
Does the camera have an SD card in it? Try removing it and see if the connection improves. I’ve seen reports of SD cards causing similar issues.
Make sure the camera is connected to a 2.4 GHz network and not a 5 GHz network.
Is sounds like you’ve also tried factory resetting the camera already, but you may want to try again.

It is puzzling. The network is 2.4 and strong and fast at the camera location. I took the SD early in my trouble shooting after reading reports of problems, no luck there.

I have removed the SD card.
checked firmware.
reinstalled app software
done factory reset.
tried network extender.
check signal strength and channel usage by others nearby
the camera works inside near my router.

A few things I have noted :
The camera has worked sporadically at times.
Get 90 and 27 error codes.
It is my only camera that has a CamPlus subscription
Cannot access the cloud at times, get an error code 07.

I’m about ready to give up on it and buy a V2 and exterior case.

Have you tried rebooting the modem?

I woke up yesterday with one of my V3s offline with error code 90. I did all kinds of troubleshooting, including reflashing the camera and power cycling the WiFi. Nothing worked.

And this morning, two more V3s had the same problem. Then I remembered my WiFi is separate from my modem. Rebooting the modem fixed everything.

My guess is that the ISP downloaded a new firmware for the modem without telling me.

Is it possible anything is blocking the signal?

It an ATT dsl modem/router for my office. It has been rebooted multiple time but I’ll try again.

Get BlueMail for Android

Not really. It works good on occasion. For example, I’ll get a couple of event notifications. I see the image of the videos. One event will playback, the other will error, not able to connect to the cloud? Or I have my cam working and I go to my group cam display page and it disconnects.Any little change of using the app seems to disconnect the cam.

After swapping the V3 works properly. But with an extender it still fails. Either your extender is not configured properly or its not working properly. WiFi analyzer will show you the channels that is not congested but the default for most modem is ch 12. check your modem configuration to lock to it to a channel with less activity. Since it is an ATT device not sure if that is configurable. Also other appliances uses the 2.4ghz like wireless home phones or microwave. Move the V3 cam on a guest WiFi to isolate it and check its performance again. You could also RMA it. Not sure about the cam plus having only 1 cam if you have 3 cams in your account there might be an issue there. :blush:

Anyone figure this out? Having the same issue with v3 using groups. Individually, they connect fine, but when placed into groups, is when connection error is constant - I have 5 cams v3 in this group. I have group 2 with 3 v2 cams, and the connections are stable.

Update: I’ve experimented with adding different versions of camera (v2 and v3) into different groups.

It appears that the connection becomes unstable when you add more than 2 v3 cams into a group. I’ve tried putting 2 v3 and 2 v2 into a single group and connection was stable. I’ve also tried only adding 2 v3 in a group and connection was stable. Once I’ve added a 3rd v3 to the group, is when the connection becomes unstable. This was repeatable every time.

Welcome to the Forum Community, @Bryan1 ,
I don’t know why this is occurring, but I’ve been having the same issues
I’ve tested your solution/workaround with all of my groups, limiting the number of V3’s to two within a group and you seem to be absolutely correct. Do that and they connect and stay that way without issue.
I’m tagging in some great help with the @Mavens here to see if anyone has answers. If not we’ll try to move the issue up the chain and get more eyes on it.
Thanks for sharing!

I don’t know , I have 3 V3s and 2 V2s in a group and I have not had nor having now any issues connecting
Running v3 firmware , app v2.24.51 android
@Bryan1 are you by chance running any beta firmware or app?

It appears that my issue was due a beta FW bug. After updating I’m able to run multiple V3 groups now without issue.