Replaced 3x v2 cams with 3 x v3 cams. Problems continuing

I replaced 3 x v2 cams with 3 x v3 cams. Setup of the first cam was picture perfect. Second two I COULD NOT get past the network connection stage, constant “connection timed out, please rescan the qr code” message. Tried about 50 times between the two cams, using tethering, factory restoring and replacing all internal networking with a spare router I had, etc etc.

Only when I manually updated the firmware via sdcard would they finally connect.

There are two problems occuring that I have not yet been able to fix:

  1. The two cameras that I had setup issues with show as ‘offline’, but the video feed works. Motion/sound detection notifications work, but I can’t see the video unless I actually access that particular camera. The first camera I set up shows as online - no issues with it.

  2. Cam Plus (which I only want active on the two troublesome cams) WILL NOT WORK. I know motion is being detected by the camers, but I can’t get the cam plus notifications to work at all. I’ve tried switching to the trial cam plus subscription, then back to my paid subscription, tried setting up a whole new wyze account, nothing is working.

I have open tickets with support for both issues, but progress on them seems to have died. I’ve submitted the log for the two affected cams to Wyze support, but it there don’t seem to be any promises at all that they will actually be looked at, or that anyone past tier 1 support can help with these issues.

I’m getting pretty frustrated at this point and I’m wondering if anyone has ANY suggestions that may help. It sort of seems like the cameras are stuck in a half set up state within the Wyze infrastructure. Has anyone had anything similar to this happen?

Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!

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Based on the lack of replies I would guess forum users are puzzled by these events. Did you delete the V2 cameras from the app? Or name the new V3 cameras with the same name as a V2 that still exists in the app?

Regards the offline issue, I had one outdoor camera that worked perfectly well despite the fact the app said the camera was offline. After 5 or 6 days that issue disappeared by itself.

Long shot but are you running a mesh network and if so have you turned off everything but 2.4? That sometimes can cause tricky problems.
As I said-long shot…

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I did not delete the v2 cams from the app until after I had added the v3 cams. I can’t recall if the new cams have the exact same name as the v2s - they only had generic names (driveway, front porch), etc.
I’m hoping the offline issue is resolved shortly.

I am not running a mesh network and have tried with a 2.5GHz-only ssid with no luck.

I did find a document that stated that event recording for motion events had to be enabled for the cam plus features to work. Sure enough, that was not enabled on the ‘online’ cam. I turned it on and that camera is not generating cam plus AI events!
motion event recording IS on for the other camera, but it still reports ‘offline’ and is not generating AI notifications.

Still makes me think that the ‘offline’ status and the lack of cam plus functionality and the problems setting up this cam are all related. Like it was stuck in a queue to be added to something (and is still stuck)?

For lack of any brilliant thoughts, I would turn off and unplug everything for 60 seconds. Modem, router, cameras, phone, etc.,

Someone had a similar problem and they deleted their Wyze app and re-installed it. Problem solved. Just saying…

Yes, I have tried that at one point, but thanks for the suggestion!

As an update to this, I’ve been “fired” by support (“In this case, we have already tried all troubleshooting steps possible to help resolve your issue but to no avail.”). I don’t expect any further steps from them.

I ordered a new v3 cam to try and of course it works flawlessly. Return initiated for the two defective units.

VERY disappointed by the support experience. They have no access to the logs you can submit from a camera - only “engineering” has access to those and doesn’t review them in response to customer issues.

What a gigantic load of baloney!