Issues connecting to Wyze Cam V3

Ever since I got my v3 cams, I am having a very hard time connecting to them. They connect to the network just fine, but when accessing in the app, they almost always time out. Sometimes closing the app and opening it again works. Sometimes it will retry 5 times then connect. The camera is 10 ft from the router, so it’s not a signal issue.

Anyone else have this issue? This makes me want to replace all 3 outdoor cameras (no issues), 3 v2 cameras with something else?


I been having the same problem. It sucks. I want to say… it started since I updated the firmware but I can’t be certain. I would like to downgrade the firmware see if that makes a difference.

So, fun part… Get a call from my neighbor… are you expecting someone at your house? No why… there is someone sitting in front of your house. Mind you… .I have one of these super awesome v3 camera’s with the super cool night vision… and guess what… camera is frozen from yesterday. I also pay for Cam Plus so I get these notifications when I am away.

And you know what… Support hasn’t said anything, I love the product, but man, this is like WTF…

What is the model of Router and/or Wireless Access Point?

Xfinity Gateway. None of my other cameras have issues. The camera is about 10 ft from the router.

I have had issues with an Xfinity Gateway with V3’s I installed at my aunt’s home and the camera was close also, her home was built in the 1970’s and is stucco and the WiFi signal propagation out of her house was awful.

I ended up installing a WiFi Mesh network to her home with 2 indoor Mesh units and an outdoor Mesh unit to get all 6 V3’s to work reliably. She is happy with her setup now, but before adding Mesh WiFi it absolutely sucked.

Her home is like a Faraday Cage literally as the Stucco with tar paper and chicken wire makes an excellent signal attenuator blocking WiFi from getting out of house.

Also later she had Xfintity update her older Gateway which also helped with other issues they were having too. The Cable company routers are not of high quality in my opinion.


I will have to try that out. I would hate to have to run a separate router just for 1 camera… But I guess if I want to have clarity then sometimes there is a cost.

Actually It was Not a Separate Router, and was just a Wireless access point connected to the Xfinity router. That way the camera was not connecting to the Xfinity WiFi but connecting to the Wireless Access Point that is routed by Xfinity router.

However in my aunt’s case it was a mesh network of Wireless Access Points being routed by the Xfinity router, therefore none of the cameras used the Xfinity Wifi, just the Lan port of router connecting to Mesh system.

I have a Wyze Cam v3 that will not stay connected to my wifi network. I have replaced it with an older Wyze Cam that I had, and that one stays connected without any problems.

I have other older Wyze Cams out on my porches and decks that never lose connection. I moved the Wyze Cam v3 to another area of my house, and it connects for a couple of hours, then disconnects.

I’ve cycled the power countless times, but still only stays connected for an hour or two, same if I re-add it as a new camera.

I have a couple of Ubiquiti AP’s laying around… I will give that a go. It is still a PIA to make it work.

That is the same issue I am having. I am going to try bryonhu’s idea and hope it works.

I’m already using a mesh network, and the v3 camera is 12 feet from one of the satellites. Anyway, being that all other cams are working, and only this one is having connectivity issues, I’m inclined to think that it’s a defective camera. I’ve already ordered a replacement.

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When you get your new one let us know if it works. I may just do the same.

It turns out that it is more than likely a bad camera. I replaced it with the extra one I had, and so far no issues.

Does support actually replace defective camera’s, or are we out the money for them?

If it is still within the warranty period they will replace a defective camera. I would call support tomorrow and speak with them.

WYZE Support

Live support is available:


Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT

Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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I’m back and forth with Support currently. They are currently getting me to do a lot of troubleshooting, and to be honest, at the price of a new one, I can hardly justify the time spent doing so. I’ll ask today if I can just send it in for warranty service.

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Wow! That was very pleasant. I informed Support that I really was certain that I had a defective camera, and they started the replacement process immediately. I’d also like to mention that any reply that I sent via their email system was answered almost immediately, or at the most within 15 minutes. This kind of support is rare these days.


I am glad you had a positive experience with support and also came back to let us know the result, Thank You