Wyze can v3 won’t connect to network

I bought two v3 cameras and neither of them connect to the WiFi. After scanning the QR code, it says that the connection has failed. I’ve attached the error screen.


I’m having the same issues

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I have two Wyze Can V3. One is mounted outside in the front of my house under the eves watching the garage door. The other one is mounted outside in the back of my house under a 2nd story deck watching the rear basement slider. They are both about equal distance from my router.

The V3 in the front of my house looses its connection every one or two hours and I have to re-start it from the Wyze app to get it to connect again. Once or twice I had to go unplug it from the power to get it to re-connect.

The V3 in the back of my house has never had a problem. Any help from the Wyze support people would be great.

I bought 5 v3 cameras. I have a mesh network. I disabled the 5ghz restarted modem and router. Can not get cameras to connect to network. Connection times out and wants to rescan qr code.

I’m having the same issues. Have a version v2 camera working for several months on same network.

I uninstalled my android app on my phone and reinstalled wyze app and was able to connect.

I have a similar setup, with the same issues. V3’s totally unreliable.

The problem corrected when I moved the V3 from the front to the back and the on in the back to the front. Now they both work perfect. I know it doesn’t make any sense but just swapping them fixed it.

I will try that weird solution :slight_smile:

My V3 was setup and working fine then last week I opened the Wyze app and it said the V3 was offline, I was unable to get it back online and finally figured I would delete it, reset the camera and re-install it. I was unable to get the camera to react to anything, other then the red light on the front… unplug it light goes off, plug it in light comes on. It doesn’t speak or make any noise, I am pretty sure it is bricked. I would love to speak to someone from Wyze support?

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i recived 2 v3. 1 connected after a few tries and is up and running for 24 hours. I cant second to connect, i have tried countless times and in 5 different locations. never had problems with v2 connecting.

Do you have an old V2 you replaced with the V3?

If so, connect the V3 to the back of the V2 and try again. If this works, update the firmware to the latest and you can remove the V2.

That worked. Thank you!

I am having the very same issue. I tried everything even rebooting my router. I bought 2 v3 cameras and had no issue connecting my second camera… May be it is a faulty camera.