Wyze cam V3 takes forever to connect and stream video

Recently my V3 cam takes forever to connect and get video. Also takes forever when loading playback. This issue started this week. Never had a problem previously. Camera is right next to the router and have full bars. Also have newest firmware installed. Not sure whats going on as my V2 cams work without a problem. It will sit there on “getting video” and doesnt do anything then says network is not stable. Then ill wait a minute and go back in and it connects but will stream at 2.2kb/s then stops. I know its not my router as i have cameras in the same area and further away and they work fine.

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What app version and Firmware version do you have installed? There were some recent updates that may have changed some things.

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Both are current. No updates on app store. No updates for firmware. Everything is current.

Please post your firmware version number. For some v3 cameras, the latest firmware is and others are on

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@StevenA is correct. In order to troubleshoot possible issues, especially since this occured “recently”, it is important to have both the Cam Firmware Version number and the App version number.

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V3 firmware is
App firmware is

Your Android App is up to date and your V3 is as up to date as it currently can be. The .9.139 build is quite possibly the most stable build available right now (imo). There have been three .10.xxxx builds since then, but the first two were problematic. The last is still being vetted thru limited release availability.

I have 5 groups of cams loading 3 & 4 cams at a time. One of those groups is pulling a V3Pro feed. I do occasionally have a significant load latency even when on local WiFi. It seems to be worse at specific times of the day.

Yesterday afternoon I loaded every group and cam as fast as they would come in and experienced a significant load lag. The first group failed to load and had to be reloaded to stream. All others after loaded faster, but still lagged.

This morning I did the same, every group and every cam were lightning fast.

While streaming cam video when on the same WiFi network is a P2P IP stream, that is only after the video stream has been secured and established. The app still requires the internet and the Wyze Servers to verify credentials & settings and another server for the creation of the P2P stream (TUTK if I am not mistaken as AWS KVS was dropped). I can only speculate that the lag we are experiencing in loading the stream at different times is due to internet congestion and server load at peak times at either the Wyze credentialing server or the P2P service provider server when our apps try to verify the credentials and settings for our cams and establish the P2P stream.

With the latest uptick in cam sales from the holiday sales blitz, I would also speculate that these servers have been in overdrive with the millions of new cams being installed. Twice the traffic on the same road will cause a traffic slowdown.

I’m thinking that Wyze and the P2P service provider are closely monitoring the traffic patterns and, like the Highway Department, are opening up new lanes of traffic as needed. Only time will tell once we get thru the next Holiday spike.

Its happening everyime I try to view my V3 cam now. It just doesnt stream the video at all. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is unfortunately.

Iv restarted my router and restarted the V3cam as well.

The 0 KB\s Bitrate tells me that the cam isn’t getting the WiFi connection it needs. Because you have already established login credentials and P2P stream to the cam, the servers have already done their job and now you are on a local P2P connection.

My only suggestion is the following:

  1. Clear the App Cache in Account → App Settings
  2. Sign Out in Account
  3. Close the App
  4. Long press the app icon, choose App Info, Force Close App
  5. Full power Cycle on the cam (unplug it… wait a minute or two, plug it back in)
  6. Full reboot on the phone
  7. Allow time for the cam to reboot fully.
  8. Open app, log in, test.

Beyond that, you might want to look at local WiFi band intereference or band congestion on the router. I was able to eradicate low Bitrate streaming lags with the installation of a rock solid Mesh WiFi Router and Sattelite Extender. I also prioritized my most distant cams so they got the bandwith they needed.

Still not working :disappointed: it has to be an issue on wyze’s end. Or maybe a faulty cam?

Iv checked my wifi bands. I have it tuned so my signal has no crossover with any other signals.

One possibility is a cam with a weak power supply or faulty cord not providing enough power to the Antaenna. Could also be a weak antaenna.

Suggestions to troubleshoot:

  1. Swap a known good cam to the same location on the same power supply and cord. If it exhibits the same behavior, it is not the cam.
  2. Swap in a known good power cord. If it exhibits the same behavior, it is not the cord.
  3. Swap in a known good Power Supply. If it exhibits the same behavior, it is not the Power Supply.
  4. Move the cam closer to the router. If it exhibits the same behavior, swap in a known good cam at the same location to verify, but if the affected cam continues to exhibit the behavior closer to the router, you may have a failing antaenna.

I have 7 v3 cams remaining in use here. (At one time I had 16) I have long load latency every time I load them up and it’s been this way a very long time. I have even changed my router to a gaming wifi6 router at significant expense. Nothing has worked.

I gave up on Wyze tech support a long long time ago as they are not easy to deal with. And they repeatedly told me there is nothing they can do after all programming was proven current and my hardware was proven not an issue.

I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a design flaw in either the cameras firmware or Wyze servers. I’ve been replacing them with cameras from different makers to test what works. So far, Blink is the best for a budget though it doesn’t have all the features Wyze has (yet).

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I am currently running the updated Production App with Beta on my 17 V3 cams loaded in groups of 3 at a time (along with 10 other cams) w\ 2 Wyze Mesh Router Pro’s on wireless backhaul.

I am currently away from home on 4G LTE and just thumbed thru all my cam groups and all cams, including the V3, load in less than 2 seconds. Closer to 1.

Slow load latency is not being universally experienced so it is hard to pin that on firmware or server design flaws. My experience has been that the Network and ISP are more important.

Gaming routers are purpose built for heavy streaming on the 6Ghz and 5Ghz bands. Not the 2.4GHz band. I doubt it is optimized for routing on that band. Not all routers treat the iOT band with the resources it needs.

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I’ve had the same problem for years with wyze cameras. Two different houses, two different major brand routers and still have the same problem. The camera’s take forever to connect and frequently they freeze. A lot of good that does when you’re trying to watch something going on around your house. I’ve had this issue with all types of wyze cameras. From the first pan cams all the way through V3 - and don’t mention the OC outside cameras - they’re really trash. They freeze, they don’t load properly, and their sensitivity is useless and to top it off they don’t record properly with cam plus. I had an older system before I switched over to wyze, and for the life of me, I don’t know why I switched. I regretted it ever since. I’ve got hundreds of dollars invested in this wyze garbage and I guess I’ll just have to bite the bullet and start all over with a better brand. At one time we even paid for the home monitoring which turned out to be a mess as well. I keep making excuses for these garbage cameras and is recently as a month ago tried the v3s. The latest non-connect/freeze issues are the final straw. I’m out of here and moving on to a security system I can trust. The excuses that the firmware is not up to date as well as the signal strength which is always three bars just don’t cut it. These cameras are just full of bugs and don’t work as they should. Part-time doesn’t cut it when it comes to security cameras.

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I totally agree with you guys here. I too have many Wyze cams and products at two different locations. The cams at both locations stream live feature frankly sucks.
I’ve tried buying different routers, mesh, doesn’t matter.
You cannot rely on a security camera that doesn’t give you live feedback. And if the camera is responding to a motion event then you have to wait longer before it wants to show you what’s going on. This is not good for security. Wyze should consider spending more time making their original product (camera) work, which is what people came to them for in the beginning. Instead of making a bunch of new products (which anlot
Don’t work either) and leaving their core customer in dissatisfaction world. The ones who helped them get started. I too have been considering biting the bullet and replacing all Wyze products with product that actually properly.

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I’ve finally accepted the truth that I stuck with Wyze far too long. I expect to put in some effort. But if I added up all the hours I have wasted over the last few years, hoping to find a solution, beyond the point where it was clear that the problems were not in my network, it would amount to several weeks that I’ll never get back. If Wyze is working for you, I’m truly happy for you.

Different routers. Different WiFi access points. Ten cams and a handful of bulbs. Latest app, latest firmware (often after multiple tries!) on every cam. At any given time, more than half of the cams won’t even connect, much less stream. Network is unstable? Even when the camera and my phone are within 6 feet of the access point? Really? Network congestion? Nope. For me, this started with the v2 cams. And the v3 cams are just horrible. Too many cams? Nope. Unplugging all but one does not help. And while different v2 and v3 cams are inoperable from hour to hour, both of my old Pan Cam v2 are rock solid by comparison. They almost never fail. They’re the only Wyze cams I can count on. This seems like a big clue. And yes they are running their latest firmware.

Whether the problem is actually declining hardware quality or something else, the inescapable result is Wyze doesn’t work for me. I stopped recommending Wyze a couple years ago, and I’ve apologized to the people I got started on Wyze before that. I’m disappointed in Wyze but mostly angry at myself for putting up with a poor experience for so long. I wanted to believe. I ignored reality for too long. For the time I have wasted, it would have been cheaper to switch to IP cameras three years ago. That’s on me.

I’m moving to a new home next month. Wyze will not be coming with me.

I want to thank to all the people who have offered help, in these forums and elsewhere online over the last few years. And while my support issues have never been “Tier 1” issues, I also want to thank the dedicated Wyze employees who did their best. I appreciate all of you.

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K-Dog I totally agree with you. Wyze used to be a inexpensive security camera company. It’s seems through their journey of wanting to make everything possible from remote control cars to scales and everything in between. They have forgotten about what their roots. I too am fed up and won’t recommend Wyze cams as the lack of workable cameras is saddening. To many wasted hours trying to make them work. I have many cams, and like you said the pan v2 seems to be more reliable then cam v2- or 3. Although I have had a pan V2 go bad. I also made the mistake of buying their thermostat and sensor. Which never works correctly and loose connection. I have spent hundreds of dollars trying several routers, mesh, modems. And it comes down to the Wyze are unstable. I have Wyze at two different locations with the same result. I also tried as some suggested RTSP and doesn’t seem to be much different. Another annoying thing is not being able to connect to your Wyze cams when one Wyze has detected motion or sound. What good is a security cam that you cannot view until after the motion/sound events occurs and then cam needs to reset?
I also tried their door bell and went back to my ring door bell. Which honestly Isn’t much better. And I have their sprinkler device which also has something I don’t not enjoy.
I’m convinced wifi cams are just not good enough. I am planning on going POE Ethernet cams for direct live view in real time. Also will get a Nest or something else for thermostat.

I too have been thinking of POE too. I was originally going to do this in the beginning, but tried Wyze cams. They are so bad.
I need live feedback and they do not do this well. I wish Wyze would have been spending more time making their cameras give live feedback better, but it seems Wyze wants to be a jack of all trades and make every product imaginable and not fix the camera product line issues.