Cam Plus Lite latency

Hello, This past week my wyze 3 cam videos are very slow to load or do not load at all resulting in a endless spinning circle. I have 4 Wyze cams V3. I have a fiber line. 100 megs up and down speed. None of the other devices or services on my network are experiencing any latency issue.

Did something happen with the cloud / netwrok this past week that may be causing this? is anyone else experiencing this lag?

Firmware and app are both up to date.


I haven’t had any issues with playing any event videos. I have one V3 on Cam Plus and 4 WCO on Cam Plus Lite. Regular Motorola cable modem/router 90 down/6 up. All the videos play instantly.

I have experienced a change as well… But opposite of what you have. Before the app update and Cam FW updates, cam load times on home wifi was as slow as on LTE. Now it’s almost instantaneous. Curious :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Same here. Long delays in loading video events. But it’s more than just videos too. Same problem with the Wyze Lock. Tap on the lock in the Wyze app and it just says “Connecting.” Typically takes at least a minute or more to connect. I’ve been a Wyze customer for over a year and this just started happening very recently. Seems to have coincided with the rollout of Cam Plus Lite. Totally unacceptable Wyze!