Terrible camera performance

I love my Wyze cameras but the video is not real-time like it was previously. Anyone have this problem. I’m having second thoughts about this.

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Which Camera are you talking about?

What is the firmware of the camera and what App version are you running?

Not sure what you are meaning by video is not Real-Time, are you saying live Stream is delayed, and if so by how much?

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We have the Cam Plus. Firmware version is
I’m not sure about the app question you ask. Also, the video is delayed by up to 5 seconds. That’s not good at all.

I’m updating it now.

On your iPhone or iPad, start the app, go to account then about. the version there is what I was asking about


Thanks, which camera model are you dealing with?

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Are you live streaming on the same network as the cam, like on your home wifi, or somewhere else. If your somewhere else it could be caused by latency. Is your home network slow, what are the up and down speeds, what’s the ping?

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Go to settings and enable harware decoding. This was a big issue a couple years ago when wyze removed the option from the app, it caused many of us to have terrible video lag. Many of us complained so they re-enabled the setting. Makes a world of difference on certain devices, especially older ones.

I am 600 Km away from my camera and I only have 1-2 seconds delay. Something is wrong with your network. Reboot your modem and router.

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Thank you. I’ll try that.

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