Streaming video lag issue

I just installed my first Wyze product. I am using the Wyze Cam Pan and the streaming feed to the app is terribly laggy. Can this be fixed in any way?

I am using Charter Internet on an older Linksys G router which is running at 54Mbs. My mobile device is an LG Stylo 3 which isn’t the best processor but not the worst either if any of that information helps. Thanks for any assistance or information. There is about a 15 to 25 second delay happening when I pan or someone moves through the field of view.

G? Wow. :anguished:

Yeah, I know. I have a newer router but I had issues in setting it up. I guess it is time to try again.

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This seems to be normal unfortunately. I have noticed the same problem. I have checked with multiple wyze cam 2 users and they all say the same thing. There is a 12 second lag time between when the motion occurs and when the notification is received on phone. I have been told that the reason for this is because the camera uploads the video clip to the cloud storage and then once upload is completed it sends out the notification. This process takes around 12 seconds. So you will never be able to actually use the 2 way audio speaker to talk to someone delivering a package or whatever. Usually the package has already been dropped off and the person has already left before i am even notified. This sucks in my opinion and I wished they could fix that huge lag time.

I started a support ticket on this issue and got a pretty quick response on it. For me, it all boiled down to setting the resolution to the 360 setting. That made it much better in my situation. Before I did all of that, I followed the instructions I was given. I can’t say for sure what part of the instructions may have made a difference but something did. I have a Micro SD card installed and the playback is clear and has only a tiny bit of lag but it is almost pure real time now. I am going to upgrade my router tomorrow also. Here are the instructions given to me by the support rep. I hope this helps you out.

Due to the nature of the camera, and the way it transmits video, there is going to naturally be a slight delay between what’s happening, and what the live stream displays. This should be a relatively short window though, with the worst that I’ve personally seen only being around 2 seconds.

Lag in the stream is typically associated with latency on the network. While this could very well be an issue with the camera itself, we can quickly rule out network troubles by running a quick diagnostic test.

I would like to have you try a few things in order to try to fix the issue, but if this doesn’t help we can move forward to a diagnostic test.

  • Force close the app and reattempt connection.

  • If that has not worked try to power cycle the camera, unplug it and plug it back in. Then open the app and try to attempt to connect / setup the Wyze Cam.

  • If the issue continues, change your internet connection type from either WiFi or LTE to the other.

  • You can try switching from HD to SD or 360p quality and see if that increases the playback speed.

  • Try power cycling the router that they’re connected to. After the router comes back online, try to connect / setup the Wyze Cam.

I was also checking out the Wyze Forum for any similar issue you’re having and found this thread where the lag or delay issue was fixed by downgrading the app version to V2.4.82. This step is completely optional; you can check out this link to the thread if you do wish to try to roll back to this version:

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